The following is a sampling of calls to Barre City police in recent days.

May 24A report of someone being held at gunpoint on Jefferson Street was unfounded after a neighbor told police the resident wasn’t home and was out of the state.

On Short Street, a gunshot was reported.

A small dog was running loose on Fecteau Circle.

Someone broke into an apartment on Pearl Street.

A dog was left in an apartment on South Main Street.

May 25

Someone was calling for help on South Main Street.

A male had his arm around a child who was pushing him away on North Main Street. An officer checked and reported everything was peaceful.

Drug activity was reported on George Street.

Someone reported he was robbed because a store didn’t give him correct change on North Main Street.

On Queen Street, someone was in a resident’s backyard and the resident could smell a skunk so they were concerned the person had been sprayed.

May 26

Items were stolen from a building on South Main Street.

A dog was barking on Merchant Street.

Trees had fallen into the roadway on Berlin Street and West Patterson Street.

Someone brought bones to the police department thinking they were human, but they had come from a cow.

A dog was barking on Maple Avenue.

May 27

Someone was groped on South Main Street. She declined to press charges.

Two pot pies were stolen by a resident’s former partner on Cottage Street.

Drug activity was reported on North Main Street.

A sewer cover popped off on North Main Street.

May 28

A male was trying to break into a residence he was recently evicted from on Summer Street.

People were fighting over drugs on Brook Street.

Items were stolen on Branch Street.

Rocks were thrown from the bike path near Brooklyn Street.

A man punched a woman in the face on Prospect Street.

Someone stole a dog out of a car on Merchants Row.

May 29

A golf ball broke a light on a building on Onward Street.

On Ayers Street, a bicycle was stolen.

Drug activity was reported on Eastern Avenue.

May 30

A woman screamed on Eastern Avenue.

On Prospect Street, a syringe was found.

A sexual assault was reported on Highgate Drive.

Dogs were running loose on Jacques Street.

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