Salisbury brush fire

Firefighters from Salisbury Volunteer Fire Department and Middlebury Fire Department responded to a brush fire incident along Upper Plains Road in Salisbury on Tuesday afternoon.

SALISBURY — Tuesday marked the second day in a row firefighters were called out to a brush fire caused by an unpermitted burn.

Salisbury Fire Chief Ryan Emilio said Salisbury and Middlebury firefighters responded to Plains Road at around 3:15 p.m. for a fast-moving brush fire. Salisbury worked on the south side, Middlebury the north. The 1-acre fire was under control after about 40 minutes, he said.

“Yesterday we were on Jones Road off of Maple Street for a brush fire of similar size,” Emilio said. That fire was likewise extinguished quickly. Neither fire damaged buildings and there were no reported injuries.

“It’s very dry and very windy, and we’re currently in a burn ban,” said Emilio.

He expects the dry, windy conditions will last for a while as do other departments.

Josh Webb, chief of the Proctor Fire Department, said his department, so far, hasn’t been called out to many brush fires.

“In our town, we’re not issuing burn permits either, until conditions change,” he said. “We’re hoping people abide by permitting laws, and that should take care of the issues.”

According to the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation, Rutland County and all of southern Vermont are at a high risk for wildfires, with the rest of the state’s risk being moderate.

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