The Department of Motor Vehicles is making some changes to driver’s licenses and ID cards. The Rutland office is the first place this is happening, starting June 11.

“Under the new system, licenses are mailed, not printed at the DMV,” reads a statement released by the agency on Thursday.

“The new licenses are more secure and designed to protect better against fraud and identity theft,” said DMV Commissioner Wanda Minoli, in the release. “We urge people to renew early and to read about the new driver’s licenses and ID cards before visiting the DMV.”

During June, those who get a license renewal notice in the mail are advised to go to the DMV website and see which offices have transitioned to the new style licenses.

“If a DMV office is still issuing the old style of credentials, then customers will receive a renewed license or ID card like those currently in use,” reads the DMV statement.

The new licenses won’t be handed over on-site, instead they’ll be mailed within seven to 10 days “from a high-security printing facility.” What people will walk away with is a 30-day temporary document to be used for driving only. Those who renew by mail won’t get this.

“People who attempt to use the temporary license for identification purposes, such as cashing a check or boarding an airplane, will likely be asked for a second form of ID. The DMV recommends that along with the temporary paper document, people also keep their current credential, even if it has expired,” reads the release.

The rollout schedule is:

  • June 17, Dummerston
  • June 18, Springfield and St. Albans
  • June 19, Bennington
  • June 20, Middlebury
  • June 21, South Burlington
  • June 24, White River Junction
  • June 25, Montpelier
  • June 26, Newport
  • June 27, St. Johnsbury

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