CRAFTSBURY – Starting Monday, April 6, Sterling College, is offering an eight-week online course, “Surviving the Future.”

It represents the third event that the school has hosted focusing on the writings of economist David Fleming. Using an international audience and a suite of global experts, the course dials in participants from around the world during the current pandemic.

Registration for the course is scaled and full scholarships are available for those who are currently financially challenged.

"In these times of the coronavirus, it is really bringing home to people how quickly things can change, and how social changes that seemed unthinkable are happening almost overnight," said Shaun Chamberlin, a British-based activist and course co-facilitator with Philip Ackerman-Leist, Sterling's dean of professional studies and the School of the New American Farmstead. Ackerman-Leist describes the course as a way for people from all over the world to "bring their candles together" to shed light on incredibly complex issues and possible solutions.

The course had its beginning in 2016, when Sterling’s collaborator, Chelsea Green Publishing, released two posthumous books by the late Fleming, “Lean Logic” and “Surviving the Future.”

In January 2018, the college also held a symposium, “Surviving the Future,” followed in 2019 by a three-day intensive course that delved more deeply into Fleming’s works.

The online course is yet another way of advancing the importance of Fleming’s work. 

The course will feature live webinars with an array of internationally renowned thinkers each week. For example, Kate Raworth, an Oxford University scholar and author of “Doughnut Economics,” will offer insights into creating circular economies; Rob Hopkins, founder of the global Transition Movement, will speak to Fleming’s influence on his work. Participants also will reflect upon readings and online resources in written and webinar discussion forums, linking Fleming’s work to post-pandemic possibilities.

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When I saw this course offering by Sterling College, I immediately thought of Winston Churchill's quote, "Never waste a good crisis".

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