BARRE CITY — Police Chief Timothy Bombardier provided a recap of recent calls. This information is not distributed to the media but rather posted to the police department’s website.

What follows is an edited summary of Bombardier’s report to the community.

By the numbers

Calls for service: 1,129

Arrests: 44

Traffic stops: 271

Traffic tickets: 271 (note these also include other civil violations and warnings)

Search warrants: 5

Arrest warrants: 10

Aggravated assaults: 2

Robberies: 2

Sexual assaults: 3

Property crimes: 6

Violent crime totals: 7 (Note: This is based on the FBI definition of “violent crimes” which includes aggravated assault, murder, robbery, and sexual assault.) These are recorded as reported and not as confirmed.

K-9 Team

The K-9 Unit was deployed six times. The BCPD K-9 Unit was deployed once to assist Vermont State Police, once to assist Barre Town Police Department and four times to assist the Barre City Police Department. The K-9 Unit was deployed three times for tracking during the patrol deployments. Out of the three narcotics deployments the K-9 unit had three positive indications. The K-9 Unit helped seize 2.9 grams of crack cocaine and various drug paraphernalia. Of these deployments one led to an arrest.



Co-located Mental Health Clinician (MHC) staff was involved in 16 encounters in April. Community Outreach Specialist (COR) was involved in 24 cases in April. Both the MHC and the COR have also been involved in our enhanced engagement and enforcement project with the area hotels. They have been key with our knock-and-talks, as means of reaching people who may be in need of assistance, as well as attending community support meetings. Both of these positions have some case overlap and the information provided is overly broad to respect the privacy of individuals that we are helping.

Our Community Outreach Specialist and Embedded Mental Health Clinician are doing some outstanding work at redirecting individuals in need to utilize more traditional channels to receive assistance rather than involving emergency service. Their caseloads and involvement with in the community continue to increase, making a positive impact for those in need of assistance. The additional individuals housed in our area hotels have added an addition case load on these positions as well as our other community partners who are providing services.


During the month of May officers from The Barre City Police Department have answered a total of 1,129 calls for service and arrested and/or cited 44 people.

We are continuing to see an increase in calls with the loosening of COVID restrictions and better weather. Just between April and May we have seen an increase almost 16%. We are expecting this to continue with an uptick in calls for service as we move into the summer months.

Jean-Marie investigation

Detectives continue to follow-up on leads and information regarding the disappearance of Ralph Jean-Marie from April of last year. With the assistance of the Washington County States Attorney’s Office we continue to leverage the various court processes to try and collect additional information regarding this case as well as involving other law enforcement agencies.

We have secured reward money — $5,000 — for information related to Ralph Jean-Marie’s disappearance and the individuals who are responsible. The latest press release is located on the BCPD Facebook page at and has been distributed to the media.


The hotel voucher situation is ending on July 1, and it appears that there will be more than 70 people homeless in Central Vermont who had previously been living in area hotels. We have discontinued enhanced engagement and enforcement details due to both the restrictions placed on the funding and a lack of available staff from the area departments to conduct these details.

The changes in the hotel voucher program will have the potential to impact or community and the area service providers, as well as the police, fire/EMS and the hospital. We will be monitoring this very closely and will be trying to get people the assistance they need before becoming involved in the judicial system.

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