Vermont’s largest one-day total of COVID cases was actually for more than one day, state officials said Thursday.

The Vermont Department of Health reported 314 cases on Thursday, but said an “IT glitch” delayed the delivery of previous test results, inflating the Thursday number. Department of Health representative Bennet Truman said Thursday afternoon that they had yet to figure out how many cases belonged in the Thursday count and how many should have been reported on other days.

“We don’t yet have details about the number of reports involved,” Truman wrote in an email. “We’re still working to confirm the impact the glitch had, and to what extent. We will provide that information.”

John Quinn, the state’s chief information officer, said the cause of the glitch was still being determined.

“We noticed an increase in collection of specimens starting on the 9th,” he said. “It was about the 13th when we noticed the elongated turnaround time.”

Quinn said the software vendor, the New Jersey-based ELLKAY, patched the system and was working with the state to figure out what went wrong.

“That’s what we know at this point,” Quinn said. “Fortunately, the patch they put in worked, and now we’re seeing results come in much faster.”

ELLKAY didn’t immediately respond to an inquiry late Thursday afternoon.

Rutland County’s 14-day total stood at 246 cases Thursday afternoon. Washington County had 307. The state reports 42 COVID patients are hospitalized, 10 in an ICU. Vermont’s death toll from the pandemic stands at 294.

Meanwhile, the Department of Health website reports that 87.1% of Vermonters who are 12 and older have had at least one dose of vaccine and that 77.8% have completed their vaccinations.


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