FQW: Gallagher

Brian Gallagher at his home.

Educator and Vermont Mountaineers General Manager Brian Gallagher, of East Montpelier, discusses how the pandemic has affected his life. Earlier this spring, the Mountaineers’ organizers announced they would cancel the 2020 season.

How are you handling self-isolation?I am trying to set a “new normal” routine which has changed a lot. I am working from home on-line and spending a lot more time on a screen, with school during the day and baseball calls at night. Although I am staying busy, the days seem to go slower without moving around outside the general area of the house and yard very often.

What has been the biggest challenge for you?I am someone that is always on the move and spending a lot more time online has been tough at times. The uncertainty of the entire situation, not being able to visit in person with extended family members was difficult, especially on Easter. The reality is, these minor issues are nothing compared to what others are dealing with in our community and around the country, so perspective is important.

What has been the most pleasant surprise?The extra time at home with my wife and two daughters has been enjoyable — most of the time. The chance to reflect on what is important in life and have those discussions has been nice. The workouts and long walks in the woods and fields with our dog Paisley have made the outdoor something to look forward to each day.

How much of what you’re doing do you think will you carry forward after the pandemic?I think I will appreciate the “old normal” life much more when I can go to work, go about my business and not have to plan a grocery store trip. I look forward to seeing students, colleagues, extended family and friends in person and won’t take that for granted.

And what do you feel the lessons will be that come out of all of this?I think as individuals and as a country we will be more aware of how fragile we are and plan ahead better for a future emergency situations. I also hope that this will bring us together as a country to appreciate all that we have and come out of this stronger.

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