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MONTPELIER — Vermont Fish and Wildlife tips to help stay safe and get the most out of your tree stand hunting experience:

Choose a live, straight tree, and avoid ash that may be in decline due to emerald ash borers.

Buy smart. Only use stands certified by the Treestand Manufacturers Association.

Inspect them each time you use them.

Know the rules. On state lands, it is illegal to place nails or other hardware into trees or to build permanent structures. On private lands, you must have landowner permission to erect a tree stand, cut or remove trees or other plants, or to cut limbs. All stands, including ground blinds, must be marked with the owner’s name and address.

Always wear a full-body safety harness, even for climbing. Most falls occur going up and down the tree and getting in and out of the stand.

Don’t go too high. The higher you go, the vital zone on a deer decreases, while the likelihood of a serious injury increases.

Never carry firearms or bows up and down trees. Always use a haul line to raise and lower all gear. Make sure your firearm is unloaded.

Familiarize yourself with your gear before you go. The morning of opening day is a poor time to put your safety belt on for the first time.

Be careful with long-term placement. Exposure can damage straps, ropes and attachment cords. Also, the stand’s stability can be compromised over time, as the tree grows.


A girl, Elizabeth Marie Speer, was born Sept. 4, 2020, to Stuart and Sarah (Gibbons) Speer of Hyde Park.

A girl, Braelynn Annette Perry, was born Sept. 8, 2020,to Britni Bartlett and Jeffrey Perry Jr. of Wolcott.

College news

Northern Vermont University spring 2020 academic honors include:

President’s list – Heather Anderson, Jessica Vest, Tammy Willis, all of Barre; Alisha Celley of Cabot; Wyatt Healy, Chad Walker, both of Marshfield; Jacob Austin of Middlesex; Amanda Adams, Flora-Sae Chessman-Chaplin, Faith Pearson, Ira Shadis, all of Montpelier; Gabriel Hauge of Plainfield; and Olivia Wickwire-George of Waterbury.

Dean’s list – Kaitlyn Chaffee, Melody Emmons, Peter Maurice, Hannah Mcmahon, Collin Morin, Morgan Wells, Autumn Wheeler, all of Barre; Tatianna Little of Cabot; Faith Fair pf East Calais; Amanda Armstrong of Fayston; Shaley Ferland of Hardwick; Arianna Moran of Marshfield; Lucie Banevicius, Faith Bolques, Branden King, all of Montpelier; Danielle Kuiper of Moretown; Aurora Drown of Northfield; Monique Brochu, Marin Fowler, Jayden Hudson, all of Plainfield; Margaret Fournier of St. Johnsbury; Sacha Borel, Richard Scott, both of Waitsfield; Korrina Cummings of Waterbury; and Cassidy Sweeney of Websterville.

Local residents serving as peer mentors for first-year students at the University of Vermont College of Nursing and Health Sciences for the 2020-21 academic year are Kylie Beausoleil of Barnet, Samantha Fielder of East Calais, Connor Mcclure of Lyndonville, Olivia Wimble of Moretown, Abigail Berard of North Thetford, Lillian Myrick of Randolph and Abby Burfoot of Warren.

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