Copley Hospital

A boy, Keagan Craig Fellows, was born June 28, 2020, to Samuel and Jazanne (Trombley) Fellows of Hyde Park.

A boy, John Spencer Kowalker, was born June 29, 2020, to Briana Spencer and Joseph Kowalker of Stowe.

A girl, Ana Kalau Michele Pateta, was born July 3, 2020, to Richard and Jocelyn (Hill) Pateta of Montpelier.


A boy, Crue Donald Henry Hastings, was born July 4, 2020, to Alyssa Seaver and Tyler Hastings.

A boy, Beckett Cole Wadkins, was born July 4, 2020, to Brenda and Chris Wadkins of Barre Town.

A girl, Hattie Palmer Roy, was born July 8, 2020, to Robert and Jamie (Mucha) Roy of Barre.

College news

Kacie Cressey of Barre received a Master of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of New Haven, Connecticut.

April A. Scott of Bradford received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from UMass Lowell.

Recent University of Connecticut graduates include Kafre G. O'Connell of Corinth, Bachelor of Arts Spanish; Quinn Kenneth Lacasse of Hardwick, Doctor of Pharmacy; and Sarah C. Brodeur of Waitsfield, Bachelor of Arts Communication. Lacasse was also named to the spring 2020 dean's list.

Community College of Vermont spring 2020 academic honors include:

President's list — Jenna Hallstrom, Phyllicia Hepsley, both of Barre; Erik Dorfman of Middlesex; Parker Morse of Montpelier; Brittany Matott of South Barre; John Bond-Bardes of Warren; and Katelyn Shepard, Sydney Taft Cole, both of Waterbury.

Dean's list — Jared Berry, Emily McMahon, Makena Plant, Ryan Shirlock, Paige Stevens, all of Barre; Olivia Kelley of Berlin; Damon Mulligan of Cabot; Cameron Roy of Marshfield; Maxwell Perry of Middlesex; John Cote, Rafaella Hill-Mosher, Haley Wilcox, all of Montpelier; Asher Martley, Kevin Nelson, both of Moretown; Violette Maring of Northfield; Jacob Plante of Orange; Alisha Armstrong of Waitsfield; Anna Duffy of Warren; Rebecca Busichio, Chris Catania, Tanner Loy, Andrew Proteau, Amaya Rogers, all of Waterbury; and Morgan Sheltra of Waterbury Center.

Honors list — Sara Bickmore, Mandy Dwinell, Cierra Ferrer, Sarah Lenahan, Lisa McCall, Elissa Piascik, Amelia Salata-Hartman, Nicholas Vitagliano, all of Barre; Kasey Long, Sarah Peterson, both of Cabot; Rebecca Davin of Calais; Reid Atwood, Dianna Fecher, both of East Barre; Gwendolyn Bunnewith of East Calais; Lily Parker, Sophia Warner, both of East Montpelier; Lauren Menard of Graniteville; Karen Brown of Middlesex; Michelle Cota, Katelyn McMurray, Eleanore Nary, Crystal Peterson, Jessica Reese, Mun Ward, all of Montpelier; Jon Geddes, Denise Womer, both of Northfield; Chelsey Lanphear, Bryanna Morris, both of Orange; Chandler Potter of Plainfield; Beth Cochran, Connor Dowd, both of Waitsfield; Andrea Chaplin of Waterbury; Kelsea Woodard of Waterbury Center; Meghan Forant of Woodbury; and Melinda Audet, Thomas Powell, both of Worcester.

Champlain College spring 2020 president's list includes Moriah Fraga of Graniteville, Business Management; Zebediah Sartwell of Hyde Park, Computer Information Technology; Corey Burton of Johnson; Dylan Philibert of Montpelier, Computer Science & Innovation; Paul Ducharme of Morrisville; Amanda Vigeant of St. Johnsbury, Health Care Administration; Lauren Covey of Williamstown, Social Work; and Kristi Demers of Woodbury, Accounting. 

The University of Maine at Farmington announced its spring 2020 dean’s list includes Emily Cetin, Cassidy Whitley, both of Barre; Nathan Carrier of Craftsbury; Brittney Caron, Alyssa Leonard, both of Lyndonville; Sophy Furlong of Moretown; and Nathan Poulin of Williamstown.

Adam Tosi of Barre and Bodie Avery of Fairlee were named to the spring 2020 dean's list at Bryant University.

Justin Lynch of Montpelier was named to the spring 2020 dean's list at Sherman College of Chiropractic and is now an intern at its Health Center.

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