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BARRE — Capstone Community Action staff, board and participants provided input on the governor’s recommended FY2021 state budget at the public hearing hosted by the State House and Senate Appropriations Committee. In 2018, 66,000 Vermonters — one in nine — lived in poverty. Advocates argued that, at a time when income inequality in the U.S. hit the highest level in 50 years, it is critical that the State of Vermont fully fund programs of economic opportunity and security.

PLAINFIELD — Friends of Cutler Memorial Library recently honored four of its “members emeritae” at a party held at the Library. Joyce Fowler, Nancy Dix Perry, Janet Nielsen and Maria McKnight were thanked for their long years of service to the Friends organization, and were each presented with a vase of colorful flowers.


Copley Hospital

A boy, Xander Elias Preston, was born Jan. 31, 2020, to Brittany Menize and Brandon Preston of Johnson.

A boy, Cash Dragon Davis, was born Feb. 3, 2020, to Jamie Dragon and Joseph Davis of Stowe.

A boy, Raylan Joshua Tobin, was born Feb. 5, 2020, to Shyler Thompson and Riley Tobin of Jeffersonville.

A girl, Aurora Skye Commander Gorni, was born Feb. 6, 2020, to Destinee Commander and Matthew Gorni of Hyde Park.

A boy, Brennan Howard Duff, was born Feb. 10, 2020, to Kevin and Meghan (Sehnal) Duff of Morristown.

A boy, Lucas Daniel Guy, was born Feb. 19, 2020, to William and Amanda (Moody) Guy of Morrisville.

Gifford Medical Center

A boy, Zachary David Ingham, was born Jan. 30, 2020, to Thomas and Lindsey (Greene) Ingham of Tunbridge.

A girl, Scarlett Aurora Barrows, was born Feb. 1, 2020, to Cassandra Demond and Anthony Barrows of North Springfield.

A boy, Oliver Anthony Rizzo, was born Feb. 1, 2020, to Megan and Scott Rizzo of East Corinth.

A boy, Summit Eugene Aldrighetti, was born Feb. 3, 2020, to Kayla Thompson and Timothy Aldrighetti of Bethel.

A girl, Esme Bouteiller, was born Feb. 3, 2020, to Leah Skypeck and Matthew Bouteiller of Pomfret.

A boy, Chase Matthew Brooks, was born Feb. 5, 2020, to Nichole Mitchell Bouffard and Francis Brooks of Graniteville.

A boy, Miles Robert Gover, was born Feb. 6, 2020, to Serena Gregoire and Jon Gover of Randolph.

A boy, Lucas Charles Weaver, was born Feb. 6, 2020, to Derek and Breanna (Hayes) Weaver of Randolph.


A boy, Jameson Charles Lynch, was born Feb. 3, 2020, to Brittany Farnham and Adam Lynch of Williamstown.

A boy, Wyatt Dylan Lane, was born Feb. 5, 2020, to Justin and Ann (Melgarejo) Lane of Barre Town.

A boy, Charles Richard Hook, was born Feb. 18, 2020, to Rose Hough and Christopher Hook of Barre.

A girl, Mireille Royal Josaphat, was born Feb. 18, 2020, to Marisa (Morris) Craige and Belot Josaphat of Barre.

Fraternal news

BARRE —Over 200 community members attended the North Barre Rink Open House. Barre Elks members were on hand with Elroy the Elk, skating, offering coffee, hot cocoa, popcorn, snacks and door prizes. Updates to the outdoor rink were made possible with a $2,500 Elks National Foundation Promise Grant. Barre Elks members would like to thank the core group of volunteers working on the rink.

4-H news

RANDOLPH CENTER — The annual Central and Southeast Region 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl was held recently at The Red Schoolhouse on the Vermont Technical College campus in Randolph Center. Quiz bowl consists of a written exam and buzzer rounds where 4-H'ers answer questions on dairy breeds, feeds and nutrition, anatomy, genetics, showing cattle and 4-H knowledge. Winners by age group were:

Seniors (14-18): Brennan Vaughan, East Thetford (first); Amanda Ferris, Braintree (second); Ron Senecal, Bradford (third); Tyler Slack (fourth) and Dylan Slack (fifth), both from Bethel.

Juniors (11-13): Zach Johnson, Tunbridge (first); Elizabeth Waterman, Thetford Center (second); Andrew Fors, Bethel (third); Leah Rogers, Randolph Center (fourth); Dani Flint, East Bethel (fifth); Hailey Dow, West Hartford (sixth).

Rookie (11-18 and first time participant): Wyatt Chambers, Tunbridge (first); Lizzie Vaughan (second) and Amy Vaughan (third), both from Newbury; Loren Young, Tunbridge (fourth).

Beginners (8-10): Austin Washburn, Bethel (first); Brooke Rowlee, Reading (second); Sylvia Johnson; Tunbridge (third); Arden Riesterer, Bethel (fourth).

Novice (8-10 and first-time participant): Karlee Small, Graniteville (first); Hannah Young, Tunbridge (second); Sophia Fors, Bethel (third).


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