GraduatesAdam Patching, of Stowe, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Earth & Environmental Science, with honors, from Lehigh University.

Emily Bashara, of Montpelier, received a Bachelor of Science in Finance, magna cum laude, from Endicott College.

Norwich University graduates

Barre — Alexandrea Kaitlyn Hanks, Bachelor of Science in psychology; Carli Jordan Harris, Bachelor of Arts in English; Aspen Grace Reinauer, Bachelor of Arts cum laude in criminal justice; Alexander George Taylor, Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering; Dakota Teyanna Vance Bachelor of Science in nursing; and Breana West, Bachelor of Science in psychology.

Brookfield — Scott Matthews, Bachelor of Arts magna cum laude in history; and Jenna Mae Sprague, Bachelor of Science summa cum laude in nursing.

Chelsea — Heather June Peterson, Bachelor of Science summa cum laude in mechanical engineering.

Middlesex — Mikaela Ann Pearson, Bachelor of Science summa cum laude in nursing.

Montpelier — Shelby Anne Picard, Bachelor of Science summa cum laude in nursing and psychology.

Northfield — Courtney Lynn Amell, Bachelor of Science summa cum laude in athletic training and health science; Diane Marie Baraw, Bachelor of Science summa cum laude in computer security — info assur; Kyle Edward Booth, Bachelor of Science in management; Britteny Catherine Brocar, Bachelor of Arts in psychology; Sarah Rebecca Clark, Bachelor of Science summa cum laude in psychology; Kathryn Elizabeth Farnum, Bachelor of Science summa cum laude in biology; Michael Green, Bachelor of Science summa cum laude in management; Aran Alicia Hird, Master of Architecture in architecture; Anya Kathrine Hoagland, Bachelor of Science magna cum laude in nursing; Jade Marie Law, Bachelor of Science cum laude in physical education; Lindsey Faye Maloney, Bachelor of Science summa cum laude in nursing; Julia Marie Passalacqua, Bachelor of Science in management; Brooke Ashley Stafford, Bachelor of Science in biology; and Matthew Wright, Bachelor of Science in computer security — info assur.

Plainfield — Aleya Shay Bernatchy, Bachelor of Arts in criminal justice.

Randolph — Zachariah Ahmad Alkhatatbih, Bachelor of Science in international business.

Waterbury — Anna Elizabeth Benard, Bachelor of Science magna cum laude in nursing; Miranda Rae Hance, Bachelor of Science in nursing.

Williamstown — Madison Paige Blauth, Bachelor of Arts in criminal justice.

Vermont Tech Center graduates

— Bachelor of Science in:

Architectural Engineering Technology to David Woolaver, of Barre; and Andrew Scott, of Northfield.

Business Management & Technology to Jamison Coyle, of South Barre; Journi LeClair, of Williamstown; and Haleigh Molinario, of Williamstown.

Computer Information Technology to Kevin Thayer, of Barre; and Taylor Culver, of Waterbury.

Computer Software Engineering Technology to Zachary Hess, of Morrisville; and John Leavitt, of Waterbury Center.

Construction Management to Mitchell Frost, of Topsham; and TJ Derose, of Williamstown.

Dental Hygiene to Madison Distel, of Tunbridge.

Diversified Agriculture to Amelia Rose, of Braintree; and Solomon Lew-Raskin, of Hardwick.

Electrical Engineering Technology to Cody Koch, of Danville; and Brandon Hanley, of Waterbury.

Entrepreneurship to Jacob Walker, of Morrisville.

Manufacturing Engineering Technology to Brandan Palmer, of Randolph Center.

Nursing for Jessica Rivait, of East Calais; Darcy Labounty, of Lyndonville; Erika Downing, of West Burke; and Amanda Mills-Brown, of Williamstown.

Professional Pilot Technology for Zachary McGinnis, of Northfield; Anthony Stoffel, of South Strafford; and Erin McQuade, of West Burke.

— Associate of Applied Science in:

Agribusiness Management to Ryan Montgomery, of Danville; and Hillary Mitchell, of Morrisville.

Architectural & Building Engineering Technology to Rebecca Robertson, of St. Johnsbury.

Automotive Technology to Collin King and Nicholas McKelvey, both of Barre.

Business Management & Technology to Jenna Jerome, of Montpelier; and Ethan Farmer, of Randolph Center.

Construction Management to Tanner Yordan, of Morrisville; and Bradford Cannon, of Stowe.

Diesel Power Technology to James Howe, of Tunbridge.

Forestry to Maria Mokeyeva, of Randolph.

Landscape Contracting to Leah Jacobs, of Plainfield.

Veterinary Technology to Andrea Conniff, of East Randolph; Katherine Howard, of East Thetford; and Kylie Martin, of Marshfield.

— Associate of Engineering in: Civil & Environmental Engineering Technology to Aaron Haupt, of East Randolph; Conner MacDougall, of Northfield; and Alexander Coyle, of South Barre.

Electrical Engineering Technology to Mark Barr, of Northfield.

Mechanical Engineering Technology to Janos Groszek, of Thetford Center; and Thomas Conlogue, of Worcester.

— Associate of Science in:

Computer Software Engineering Technology to Matthew Wills, of East Calais.

Dental Hygiene to Patricia Mulligan, of Cabot; and Cassandra White, of West Fairlee.

Nursing to Sandra Long, of Barnet; Tyler Avery, Nicole Compo, Dylan D’Agostino, all of Barre; Mercedes Ellis, of Bradford; Lauren Bellavance, of Cabot; Naphtali Schumacher, of Calais; Aneleisa Gladding-Hinton, Erin Noel, both of Chelsea; Aarin Fontaine, of Corinth; Tara Collins, of Fairlee; Carolyn McTigue, of Hardwick; Heather Cleary, Emily Fisher, Marcus Wadlington, all of Jeffersonville; Brooke Billado, Sara Pastina, both of Johnson; Caitlyn Taboada, of Lyndonville; Michelle Broaddus, of Marshfield; Eva Casey, of Montpelier; Lisa McCormack, of Morrisville; Brooke Burlett, of Northfield; Bryanna Morris, of Orange; Shannon Cookson, of Plainfield; Keith Standish, of Randolph Center; Nicole Bristol, Pauleena Stevens, both of St. Johnsbury; Racquel Miller, of Stowe; Hannah Gladczuk, Leah Larobardiere, both of Waitsfield; Nicholas Brown, Margaret Hayes, both of Waterbury; Taylor Farmer, of Waterford; Alexandria Brown, of Wells River; and Caisey Kurek, Alexandra Milne, both of West Danville.

Radiologic Science to Wendy Wedel, of Berlin; and Emily Noelk, of Williamstown.

Respiratory Therapy to Suzannah Mullikin, of Barre; Dale Barnard, of Randolph; and Heather Esget, of Sutton.

— Certificates in Advanced Software Development to James Dicesare, of Washington; Diesel Power Technology to Ford Porter, of Adamant; and Paramedicine to Jason Gray, of East Corinth; and Jeremy Harriman, of Jeffersonville.

— Vermont Academy of Science and Technology (VAST): Caleb Evans, of Berlin; Samuel Werbinski, of East Barre; Savannah Aiken, of Jeffersonville; Cole Heigis, Joshua Lajeunesse, Benjamin Mays, all of Montpelier; Nolan Hudson, of Plainfield; Olivia Kaplan, of Randolph; Peter Yialiades, of Randolph Center; Jane Apgar, of Roxbury; Caid Murphy, Lucas Patoine, both of St. Johnsbury; Isabelle Maranda, Charles Reilly, both of Waitsfield; Liam Poulin, of Waterbury; and Maximus Dexter, Alycia Dickinson, both of Williamstown.

Academic honorsNorwich University spring 2021 academic honors include:

President’s list — Gabriela F. Calderon, Alvin Law, Devin Patrick O’Neill, Mary Elizabeth Thibeault, all of Barre; Lana Leigh Page, of Berlin; Jenna Mae Sprague, of Brookfield; Heather June Peterson, of Chelsea; Zoie Leigh Beauregard, of East Calais; Laura Knowlton, of Marshfield; Mikaela Ann Pearson, of Middlesex; Leah Brown, Katie Elizabeth Gibson-Davis, Katherine Page Norwood, Shelby Anne Picard, Sonya Sagan-Dworsky, all of Montpelier; Alyssa Grace Atwood, Bethany Kate Atwood, Sarah Rebecca Clark, Kathryn Elizabeth Farnum, Lia Cornell Gerrish, Anya Kathrine Hoagland, Lexus Jewlian Jarvis, Jade Marie Law, Milo Pavon Unzueta, all of Northfield; Kaitlyn deEtte Andress, of Plainfield; Angela Neva Bywaters, of Waitsfield; and Mercedes Alexis Bishop, of Waterbury.

Dean’s list — Gabriella Sofia Noelle Ambroz, Lydia Ring Brown, Anthony Joseph Castellaneta, Olivia Adrienne Couture, Caitlin Mary Emerson, Cassandra Marie Graves, Andrea Kay Kroll, Meagan Kunkle, Allyson Ann LaGue, Annika Lague, Ellen Otterman, Evan Parent, Aspen Grace Reinauer, Morgan Lynn Renz, Nathan Joseph Romeo, Dakota Teyanna Vance, all of Barre; Jayde Victoria Edwards, of Chelsea; Alexis Rose Gaetz, Gabriel Thomas Gaetz, both of Corinth; Madison Shea Brigham, of East Montpelier; Jordan Ann Brimblecombe, of Marshfield; Nicholas Paul Davis, of Middlesex; Acheri Donnell, Samir Drljacic, Elizabeth Ann Guthrie, Kaitlyn Brielle King, Nathan James Larosa, all of Montpelier; Courtney Lynn Amell, Tess Olivia Ayres, Camden E.A. Bean, Benjamin Louis Carlson, Jackson Paul Clayton, Danielle Felicia Guerrero, Faith Logan Hoagland, Ahleah Raine Lawliss, Lindsey Faye Maloney, Favour Obiageri Mgbeahurike, Alyssa Marie Morande, Tameka Maya Porter, Lydia C. Reed, Brooke Ashley Stafford, Elsie J. Wawrzyniak, Matthew Wright, all of Northfield; Aleya Shay Bernatchy, Riley Maria Hudson, both of Plainfield; Caleb Edward Scully, of Randolph; Benjamin Scott Cardinal, of Roxbury; Anna Elizabeth Benard, Lauryn Anne DePaul, Kennedy Elizabeth Wimble, all of Waterbury; Laurel Davey, Dahrian Sheltra, both of Waterbury Center; Jonah Gabriel Madill, of West Topsham; Alyssa M. Brink, Amber Dawn Clayton, Savannah Rose Covey, Kyle Georid Earls, Savannah Adeline King, all of Williamstown.

Vermont Tech spring 2021 academic honors include:

President’s list — Forrest Cummings, Zachariah Tomberg, both of Barre; Wendy Wedel, of Berlin; Patricia Mulligan, of Cabot; Nathan Raymond, of Johnson; Michelle Broaddus, Gabriel Mulligan, both of Marshfield; Cole Heigis, of Montpelier; Hillary Mitchell, of Morrisville; James Mitchell, Andrew Scott, both of Northfield; Olivia Kaplan, Jaden Kinney, both of Randolph; Nicholas Tibbets, of Randolph Center; Maximilian Horster, of Thetford; Ian Barker, of Thetford Center; Brandon Hanley, John Leavitt, both of Waterbury; and TJ Derose, Emily Noelk, both of Williamstown.

Dean’s list — Andrea-Kate Ashford, Nicole Compo, both of Barre; Caleb Evans, of Berlin; Mercedes Ellis, of Bradford; Kristin Flanders, Maximilian Luzardo, both of Brookfield; Lauren Bellavance, of Cabot; Naphtali Schumacher, of Calais; Aneleisa Gladding-Hinton, Erin Noel, both of Chelsea; Cj Baker, of East Montpelier; Aaron Haupt, of East Randolph; Katherine Howard, of East Thetford; Quade Gorton, of Graniteville; Matthew Bader, Solomon Lew-Raskin, both of Hardwick; Kylie Martin, of Marshfield; Benjamin Mays, of Montpelier; Paige Wolinsky, of Morristown; Zachary Hess, Lisa McCormack, both of Morrisville; Mark Barr, Brooke Burlett, Corrie Carey, Kailie French, all of Northfield; Nolan Hudson, Leah Jacobs, both of Plainfield; Eugene Booska, Sheyenne Miller, Ethan Sears, all of Randolph; Ethan Farmer, Keith Standish, Peter Yialiades, all of Randolph Center; Rigel Garrison-Botsford, Anthony Stoffel, both of South Strafford; Lucas Patoine, of St. Johnsbury; Brendan Rahilly, Roshawn Russell, Rashane Russell, Nathaniel Wells, all of Stowe; Janos Groszek, of Thetford Center; Leah Larobardiere, Charles Reilly, Scott Ward, all of Waitsfield; James Dicesare, of Washington; Colin Green, Colby Surprenant, both of Waterbury; Matthew Lazzaro, Erin McQuade, both of West Burke; Cassandra White, of West Fairlee; Michael Green, of West Newbury; Alycia Dickinson, Haleigh Molinario, both of Williamstown; and Thomas Conlogue, of Worcester.

Endicott College spring 2021 dean’s list includes Joshua Farber, of Middlesex, Finance and Marketing; Emily Bashara, of Montpelier, Finance; Luke Hawley, of Montpelier, Finance and Marketing; and Celeste Favaloro, of Waterbury, Interior Design.

Chloe Riven, of Waitsfield, received spring 2021 dean’s list honors at Fairfield University.


Central Vermont Medical CenterA daughter, Charlotte Bailey Boardman, was born June 11, 2021, to Jen (Pimentel) and Lucky Boardman, of Berlin.

Copley Hospital

A son, Jeremiah George Rodriguez, was born June 16, 2021, to Samantha Eldred and Juan Rodriguez, of Marshfield.

A daughter, Hendrix Mackenzie Somers, was born June 16, 2021, to Sarah Thompson and Kevin Somers, of Jeffersonville.

Gifford Medical Center

A daughter, Louisa Pearl Bicknell, was born June 6, 2021, to Henry and Laurel (Collins) Bicknell, of South Royalton.

A son, James Christopher Lovely, was born June 7, 2021, to Christopher and Savannah (LaPan) Lovely, of West Fairlee.

A son, Hayden Mordechai Finkelstein, was born June 10, 2021, to Noam and Paige (Bolduc) Finkelstein.


Tai chi classesEAST MONTPELIER — Twin Valley Senior Center is reopening and offering the following tai chi classes for beginners and continuing practice starting June 29: Tuesdays 10 to 11 a.m. Fall Prevention Sun Style; Wednesdays 10:30 to 11:15 a.m. Fall Prevention Sun Style; Wednesdays 11:20 a.m. to noon Sun Style 73; Fridays 10 to 10:45 a.m. Beginners Fall Prevention Sun Style. For more information, call 223-3322.

Outdoor recreationMONTPELIER — Montpelier Alive and the City of Montpelier Community Services Department are seeking feedback from residents that will help guide the development of parks and outdoor recreation in Montpelier for the next decade. The online survey available at is part of a project to enhance recreational access and equity and harness outdoor recreation to boost Montpelier economic development

Post 10 officersBARRE — Officers of the Legion Family at American Legion Barre Post 10 have been elected for the year 2021-22 to continue programs to benefit the veterans, youth and communities we are here to serve.

Officers of American Legion Barre Post 10: Post Commander Melvin McKnight, 1st Vice Commander Errol Briggs, 2nd Vice Commander David Adams, Adjutant Joseph Zickmund, Finance Officer Dennis Minoli, Chaplain and Historian Stephen Weston, Service Officer Ronald Tallman, Sergeant-at-arms Daryl Martin, Judge Advocate Errol Briggs. Post management also has three members-at-large: Marvin Carey, Scott Herring and Brian Judd.

Officers of Sons of The American Legion Squadron 10: Squadron Commander Steve England, Adjutant Duffy Ballard, 1st Vice Commander Kevin Dodge, 2nd Vice Commander Dennis Barney, Finance Officer Lucas Herring, Chaplain David Buswell, Sergeant-at-arms Roy Willard, Historian Rick Steventon. Errol Briggs is Adviser.

Officers for American Legion Auxiliary Barre Unit 10: President Beverly Flint, 1st Vice President Theresa Bauman, 2nd Vice President Shannon Capron, Secretary TBA, Treasurer Cathy McCann, Chaplain Maria McKnight, Sergeant-at-arms Holly Peake, Historian Joanne Jewett.

American Legion Riders Chapter 10 officers for 2020-21: Director Shannon Capron, Assistant Director Lewis Graham, Secretary Marilyn Davis, Treasurer Katina Franks, Ride Captain TBA, Historian Shannon Capron, Chaplain Lewis Graham.


Successful fundraiserCOLCHESTER — UVM Health Network-Home Health & Hospice completed its 2021 Virtual Fun Run recently, raising $60,000 to benefit the McClure Miller Respite House. The weeklong event included support from members of the community, Home Health & Hospice staff and volunteers, and community partners. For the past 30 years, the Respite House, Vermont’s only Medicare-certified inpatient hospice facility, has provided end-of-life services, regardless of patients’ ability to pay.

Pollinators in perilMONTPELIER — Many of Vermont’s pollinator species are in peril. Habitat loss, invasive species, single-crop farming, disease and pesticides are a few of the threats affecting insects across our state. Vermont’s native bees, including over 300 unique species and three that are threatened or endangered, are among those being impacted the most.

Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department suggests a few household considerations:

— Provide a variety of vibrant flowers and native plants to attract pollinators to your yard and garden.

— Learn to live with wildflowers and weeds growing in your yard and fields. Pollinators prefer a variety in their habitat, even if it looks untidy to humans.

— Keep an eye out for bare patches of lawn where ground-nesting bees may make their home.

— Use pesticide alternatives such as pollinator-friendly barriers to keep unwanted pests off your plants.

— Avoid using insecticides (especially those containing neonicotinoids such as imidacloprid, thiamethoxam, clothianidin).

— Reduce the amount of property that is mowed, mow less often, and consider leaving fields un-mowed until October when most pollinators have finished their pollinating activities.

Permits availableMONTPELIER — Vermont’s muzzleloader season antlerless deer permit applications are still available online at Vermont Fish and Wildlife website and from license agents for a while longer. The deadline to apply is Aug. 4.

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