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Snowstorm safety

BURLINGTON — American Heart Association offers these tips to make snow removal safer:

Give yourself a break. Learn the heart attack warning signs and listen to your body –

Chest discomfort feeling uncomfortable pressure, squeezing, fullness or pain.

Discomfort in other areas of the upper body in one or both arms, the back, neck, jaw or stomach.

Shortness of breath with or without chest discomfort.

Other signs include breaking out in a cold sweat, nausea or light-headedness.

Consult a doctor if you have a medical concern prior to exercising in cold weather – especially if this is a substantial increase over your usual level of activity.

To prevent hypothermia, dress in layers of warm clothing and wear a hat.

Effective bystander CPR, provided immediately after sudden cardiac arrest, can double or triple a victim’s chance of survival. If an adult suddenly collapses, call 9-1-1 and begin pushing hard and fast in the middle of the victim’s chest until help arrives.

Kindergartners at Foodbank

BARRE – Kindergartners from Montessori School of Central Vermont delivered non-perishable food donations, collected from a school food drive, to the Vermont Foodbank’s Barre Distribution Center and toured the facility. This annual field trip is for the students to learn more about food insecurity in our local communities and to understand how community involvement and support helps families.

Leaders honored

BARRE — Capstone Community Action hosted its annual meeting, celebrated milestones and recognized community contributions, including:

Anna Noonan, president and COO of Central Vermont Medical Center, earned Capstone’s Partner of the Year award for expanding hospital and health care services.

Adria Laboy named Volunteer of the Year for volunteering daily at the Capstone food shelf.

Ronilynn Shrout, president of the Head Start Policy Council, received the Jay Isaakson Leadership Award, for her courage, leadership, finding her voice and empowering others.

Catholic Charities help

SOUTH BURLINGTON — Catholic Charities will distribute more than $50,000 to 250 families (totaling more than 900 people) throughout Vermont this holiday season. Vermont families can fill out applications to receive aid through the annual Advent Program that provides VISA gift cards and Hannaford or Price Chopper gift cards to help families get through the holiday season, along with assistance with utilities and rent.


Copley Hospital

A girl, Maleigha Rose Blume, was born Dec. 8, 2019, to Sierra Brock and Geoffrey Blume, of Eden.

A boy, Reese Lewis Blanchard, was born Dec. 9, 2019, to Colt and Renata (Arnold) Blanchard, of Johnson.

A boy, John Arlo Rivard, was born Dec. 9, 2019, to Amanda Locke and Jeffrey Rivard, of Jeffersonville.

A girl, Ruby Jean Renaud, was born Dec. 10, 2019, to Hillary Seel and Matthew Renaud, of Hardwick.

A boy, Thomas Edward Bachand IV, was born Dec. 11, 2019, to Moriah Gillam and Thomas Bachand III, of Hardwick.

A boy, Jameson Lyle Putvain, was born Dec. 12, 2019, to Lyn Washer and Anthony Putvain, of Morrisville.

Gifford Medical Center

A girl, Lillian Shea Delaney, was born Dec. 5, 2019, to Ryan and Marissa Delaney, of Randolph.

A girl, Margot Jean Bristow, was born Dec. 6, 2019, to Ben and Hope (Saginario) Bristow, of Montpelier.

A girl, Peyton Alayna Jo-Anne Suprenant, was born Dec. 6, 2019, to Aaron Suprenant and Lille Surprise, of Northfield Falls.

Student news

Spaulding High School Honor Roll

2019-2020 Quarter 1

Seniors: Myles Aja, Ethan Asselin, Emily Bailey, Caleb Carrien, Iris Carter, Hunter Chase, Daniel Copping, Taylor D’Agostino, Emmalee Davis, Savannah Desjardins, Jaylynn Emmons, Abby Fantoni, Camryn Fewer, Bryanna Giacherio, Gavin Glosser, Nathan Gravel, Cassandra Graves, Vanessa Greig, Gustavo Hahn, Megan Hammarstrom, Grace Hardaker, John Hebert, Dylan Hebert, Madison Henderson, Riley Hodgkins, Destiny Isabelle, Micah Kezar, Kyaira LaRochelle, Aliza Lindley, Jada MacDonald, Conner Magoon, Zecor Margolin Berger, Morgan Mast, Kyle May, Alorria McDunnah, Kaiden Morse, Nicholas Norwood, Grant Otis, Oscar Peake, Jackson Pierson, Elizabeth Poirier, Hayleigh Pollard, Ethan Santor, Gregory Silk, Brianna Spaulding, Andrew Stacy, Abigail Stacy, Matthew Tacey, Jennah Thompson, Lee Walbridge, Brittany Weston, Raine Willis.

Juniors: Eusebio Aja, Jacob Allen, Elise Atwood, Chesnee Barney, Jordyn Beede, Jenna Bellavance, Tagen Benoit, Madeline Benoit, Mia Blow, Elliot Bresett, Paige Bristow, Stephen Clark, Steven Corbett, Juliana Corliss, Kailey Craig, Jake Darling, Keagan Desjardins, Josie Diego, Evan Dudley, Caitlin Emerson, Allison Everett, Isabelle Fischer, Rachel Forlow, Kathleen Graves, Tyler Guyette, Carisa Hebert, Eamon Hogan, Alexis Huckins, Benjamin Isabelle, Carson King, Mallory Kiniry, Kiernan Krasofski, Alyssa Larivee, Annie Linendoll, Taite Magoon, Kiana Martin, Breanna McFarland, Darian Partlow, Noah Partridge, Teka-Marie Phillips, Halle Pletzer, William Poirier, Willem Pontbriand, David Poulin, Aidan Radigan, Nathan Romeo, Olivia Rousse, Zachary Stabell, Matthew Stevens, Emily Tansley, Brandon Trepanier, Amer Verem, Viviane Welz, Emily Wilson.

Sophomores: Madison Ashe, Taylor Audet, Tasia Avery, Katherine Blakely, Ashley Boisvert, Logan Bristow, Abigail Burachowski, Mi’Shell Cambio, Kyle Coache, Ethan Codling, Ryan Dusablon, Alexander Erwin, Cydney Ferrer, Cameron Govea, Brandon Isaac, Riley Jarvis, Jonathan Jesmonth, Bella Kamont, Dallas LaFrance, Payton Lamberti, Emily Lamberti, Brady Lamberti, Autumn Lewis, Jamison Mast, Chloe Mattson, Jonathan Maurice, Alexander Maurice, Anna Mayo, Emily Morris, Mason Otis, Tiffany Pallutto, Delaney Partlow, Nicholas Pierce, John Poirier, Emily Poulin, Lauren Preddy, Lexie Royce, Noah Rubel, Ryan Sanborn, Kelly Sanders, Alyson Savoie, Camden Simpson, Abbigail Smith, Jameson Solomon, Emily Grace Spaulding, Samuel Starzec, Brian Sweeney, Zoe Tewksbury, Christian Titus, Matthew Toborg, Zachary White, Isabelle Wightman, Samuel Wilcox.

Freshmen: Shaylene Abraham, Paige Allen, Trevor Arsenault, Madison Ashford, Dylan Bachand, Camryn Bell, Grace Berry, Lillian Beun, Isabella Bevins, Emma Boulanger, Chloe Clark, Cooper Diego, Mandy Dutton, Aliyah Elliott, Grady Emmons, Hope Farnsworth, Riley Fleury, Ellison Fortin, Abigail Geno, Damian Giffin, Julia Hallstrom, Kathryn Harding, Brett Hebert, Jonathan Herring, Benjamin Hiscock, Alysha Hull, Claire Isabelle, Grace Isham, Sage Johnson, Logan Kelley, Meredith Kerin, Sean Kidder, Hannah King, Daniel Kiniry, Lily LaCroix, Abigail Lindhiem, Kaden Luster, Sage MacAuley, Ian Macdonald, Angelique Macie, Aiden Madison, Gino Masi, Cole McAllister, Timothy McHugh, Rebecca McKelvey, Kieran McNamara, Samuel Norris, Molly Parker, Madison Pembroke, Megan Rea, Hayden Ross, Alaina Rueda, Ronald Saldi, Creston Severy, Reese Thayer, Amra Verem, Alyssa West, Charlotte Young.

College news

Vermont Tech placement rate

RANDOLPH CENTER — Subsequent to its national ranking in the 96th percentile for return on investment, Vermont Tech announces the Class of 2019 achieved a 99% placement rate as demonstrated in the Six-Month Outcomes Survey. The college ranks first in the state for return on investment, according to the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce First Try at ROI: Ranking 4,500 Colleges. Among the 2019 class, 99% of employed graduates are working in the field associated with their major.

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