Castleton University spring 2018-19 academic honors include:

President's list — John Gilmour, of Barnet; Morgan Brill, of Bradford; Celine LaRose, of Danville; Damien Peatman, of Eden Mills; Kathlyn Feeney, of Johnson; Megan Ryan, of Montpelier; Nicole Pettersen, of Randolph; Katie Paroline, of Randolph Center; Abigale Savoie, of South Barre; Megan Wood, of Waterford; and Ashton Kirol, of Williamstown.

Dean's list — Niamh Johnston-McWilliams, of Barnet; Morgan Demers, Caton Deuso, Ashley Sanders, Rebecca Santamore, Jeffrey Virge, all of Barre; Taylor Abbott, of Cabot; Shelby Jewett, of East Barre; Kiana Stowell, Nicholas Stowell, both of East Burke; Denis LeCours, of East Hardwick; Lauren Townsend, of Fairlee; Caitlin Cozadd, of Groton; Ethan Aubuchon, Alexandria Ferland, Nicholas Gauthier, all of Hardwick; Logan Wales, of Lyndonville; Dakota Garrow, of Randolph; Darrin Messier, of Randolph Center; Eleanor Baldauf, Haley Elliott, Bria Willis, all of St. Johnsbury; Megan O'Shea, of Waitsfield; Shudder Hurd-Burnell, Katelyn Ireland, Adam Lamson, all of Waterbury; Grant Clark, of Waterbury Center; Shaylan Mosher, of West Burke; and Elisa Covey, of Williamstown.

Saint Michael’s College spring 2019 dean's list include Anna M. Beach, Emily R. Boisvert, Megan E. LeCours, Matthew L. Thompson, Anthony Yeung, all of Barre; Branden M. Young, of East Randolph; Daniel W. Krezinski, of Montpelier; Kara B. Gailiunas, Morgan E. Vasseur, both of Waitsfield; and Shayna E. Guild, of Williamstown.

Community College of Vermont spring 2019 academic honors include:

President's list — Mike Menard, Chyenne Rielly, both of Barre; Isabelle Beebe, of Northfield; Talvi Ekis, Carter Martin, both of Plainfield; Hannah Gladczuk, of Waitsfield; April Tousignant, of Waterbury; and Chloe Lavigne, of Waterbury Center.

Dean's list — Zoe Atkins, Analise Austin, Erin Langevin, Johanna Rodgers, Makenna Taylor, Camryn Tisdale, all of Barre; Claudia Farnham, of Cabot; Taylor Fair, of East Calais; Alexander Allison, of Marshfield; Zoey Dubois, Cheyanne Green, Jordon Kellett, Miranda Mishaan, Araceli Rebmann, all of Montpelier; Robert Kelly, Asher Martley, both of Moretown; Katelyn Foster, Adam Gadbois, both of Northfield; Ivy Quintin, of Plainfield; and Sophia Laperle, Alec Shaw, Logan Wedge, Samantha Wisdom, all of Waterbury.

Honors list — Carolyn McTigue, of Barre; Naphtali Schumacher, of Calais; Zachary Lacy, of East Montpelier; Andrew Talbert, of Marshfield; Brittany Brassard, Becca Sinclair, both of Montpelier; Ashia Copeland, of Plainfield; Gregory Titus, of Waitsfield; and Carrie Johnson, of Waterbury.

Vermont Technical College spring 2019 academic honors include:

President's list — Dylan D'Agostino, Jamie Heath, both of Barre; Maegan Winters, of Chelsea; Sandra Elliott. of Danville; Mark Bullis, of East Barre; Jessica Ballard, of Essex; Jeffrey Barr, of Jeffersonville; Nathan Raymond, of Johnson; Kimberly Myers, of Montpelier; Hannah Yerks, of Moretown; Olivia Finch, Gary Mercy, both of Morrisville; Courtney Clement, Shea Fordham, Elizabeth Holmes, Coleton Loura-Bumps, all of Randolph; Nathaniel Wells, of Stowe; Ian Barker, of Thetford Center; John Leavitt, of Waterbury Center; and Carson Molleur, of Woodbury.

Dean's list — Andrew Chase, of Barnet; Jeana Anderson, Jack Blaisdell, Austen LaFrance, Zachariah Tomberg, all of Barre; Dakota Clark, Owen Guthrie, both of Berlin; Tyler Huffman, of Brookfield; Patricia Mulligan, of Cabot; Michelle Lamore, of Cambridge: Grace Kay, Wyatt Kay, Keegan Marshia, all of Chelsea; Cameron Codling, of East Barre; Osiah Dorman, of East Calais; Makayla Coffin, of Fairlee; Quade Gorton, Abigail Magwire, both of Graniteville; Craig Coultas, of Hardwick; Kara Downing, of Lyndonville; Tyler Wright, of Lowell; Maxwell Hughes, Alexandra Malone, Savanna Ouellette, Denis Palic, all of Montpelier; David Howes, of Moretown; Hillary Mitchell, Blake Nemeth, both of Morrisville; Zachary McGinnis, of Northfield; Alyssa Cote, Morgan Fordham, John Kidder, Lillian Myrick, Alexa Oifer, Mariah Rilling, Christopher Sabatino, Corey Whitten, all of Randolph; Augustin Demonceaux, Ashley Martin, Victoria Palmer, Louise Terwilliger, all of Randolph Center; Conor Gillander, of South Barre; Amy Dean, of St. Johnsbury; Alexander Mielens, of Stowe; Diana Munson, of Thetford; Maximilian Horster, of Thetford Center; Scott Ward, of Waitsfield; TJ Derose, of Washington; Nicole Cutler, Colin Green, Jarek Hammerl, Brandon Hanley, Jessica Lamb, Amanda Reardon, Robyn Shankland, Robyn Shankland, Kristopher Streitmatter, Philip Zoppo, all of Waterbury; Jack Beauparlant, of West Danville; and Andrew Beattie, Jessica Bresett, Sydney Day, Haleigh Molinario, all of Williamstown.

Norwich University

President's list — Kaylee Rachel Relation, of Barre; Willa M Lane, of East Montpelier; Jacob Matthew Markwood, of East Randolph; Devin Patrick O'Neill, of Graniteville; Mikaela Ann Pearson, of Middlesex; Shelby Anne Picard, Lauren Elizabeth Kenneally, both of Montpelier; Courtney Lynn Amell, Sarah Rebecca Clark, Lindsey Faye Maloney, Warren Thomas Yacawych, all of Northfield; Mallory Jane Dutil, of Northfield Falls; and Jacquelyn Whitney Bacon, Evan Scott Choquette, Courtney Elizabeth Scholtz, all of Williamstown.

Dean's list — Anderson Brown, Holly Elizabeth Brown, Keegan James Ferry, Taylor Marel Gregory, Andrea Kay Kroll, Meagan Kunkle, Faith Christine Lloyd, all of Barre; Jacob A. Toro, of Berlin; Carrie Elizabeth Pine, Jenna Mae Sprague, both of Brookfield; Jayde Victoria Edwards, Jordan Kasey Grout, Heather June Peterson, all of Chelsea; Hailee Lorraine Holt, of East Barre; Joel Kwesi Bansah, Benjamin Brown, Katie Elizabeth Gibson-Davis, Michael David Gibson-Davis, Kaitlyn Brielle King, Melissa Anne Muller, Katherine Page Norwood, all of Montpelier; Emma Caroline Arguin, Jessie Noelle Fuller, April Reine Gibb, Aran Alicia Hird, Anya Kathrine Hoagland, Lexus Jewlian Jarvis, Abigail Ranada Jumper, Raymond Stephen Kavombwe, Molly Geneva Kimball, Georgia Ann Lynn Kuric, Taylor Brooke Nash, Rhiannon Ruth Page, Tameka Maya Porter, Chiara Lynn Smith, all of Northfield; Morgan Emily Smith, of Northfield Falls; Katherine Claire Conard, Caleb Edward Scully, Rachael Rae Townsend, all of Randolph; Robyn Allene Dudley, of Washington; Anna Elizabeth Benard, Miranda Rae Boucher, Ryan Robert McGrath, Victoria Lynn Morgan, all of Waterbury; and Taylor Blaze Clark, Kyle Georid Earls, Dylan Jerid Hartman, Savannah Adeline King, Jacob Cameron Peloquin, all of Williamstown.

Champlain College spring 2019 academic honors include:

Trustee's list — Tiffany McNaulty, of Hardwick; Emma Santos, of Morrisville; Elizabeth McKenzie, of Waitsfield; Alyssa Fowler, of Washington; and Grace Safford, of Wolcott.

President's list — Heather Mentzer, of Barre; Stephanie Merrill, of Lyndonville; Dylan Philibert, Justin Redmond, both of Montpelier; Marc Bard. of Northfield; and Hannah Hook, of Plainfield.

Dean's list — Nicholas Adams, Alexis Piro of Barre; Gabrielle Garfield, of Bolton; Matthew Phillips, of East Barre; Karissa Tallman, of Eden Mills; Zebediah Sartwell, of Hyde Park; Corey Burton, of Johnson; Laura Cavazos, Tessa Nelson, both of Lyndonville; Joseph Thetford, Hannah Warren, both of Montpelier; Dennis Edwards, of Moretown; Elijah Santos, of Morrisville; Harris Slesar, of Northfield Falls; Nicholas Bennett, Aidan Patterson, both of Randolph; Cara Benjamin, Emily Emery, both of St. Johnsbury; Joshua Vaus, of Stowe; Chun Tao Lin, of Waitsfield; Lauren Covey, of Williamstown; and Kristi Demers, of Woodbury.

University of Vermont College of Arts and Sciences award receipients include:

George Perkins Marsh Award for highest academic performance in biology to Aubrey Pelletier, of Randolph.

Miriam Zadek Award for Excellence in Costume Design and Costume Construction to Christian DeKett, of Lyndonville.

Frank M. Bryan Prize In American Politics for coursework, research and commitment to Eric Tucker, of Barre.

Benjamin B. Wainwright Award for best poem to Ian Kimmel, of Brookfield.

John H. Converse Award academic achievement in economics to Colin Serra, of Newbury.

Philipp H. Lohman Award for oustanding economics major to Quinlan Anderson, of Middlesex.

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