Copley Hospital

A boy, Henry James Robillard, was born June 2, 2020, to Seth Robillard and Nicole Jones of Craftsbury.

A boy, Wesley Thomas Mercier, was born June 3, 2020, to Megan (LaCasse) and Dennis Mercier Jr. of East Hardwick.

A girl, Victoria Lynne Hursh, was born June 6, 2020, to Rosanna (Herr) and David Hursh of Hyde Park.

Gifford Medical Center

A boy, Elliott Moore Abraham, was born May 11, 2020, to Julia (Hutchinson) and Steven Abraham of Royalton.

A boy, Maclyn Jie-Lin Dougherty, was born May 20, 2020, to Pei Chun Tsai and Sean Dougherty of Woodstock.

A boy, Theron John Thibault Provoncha, was born May 21, 2020, to Kayla Thibault and Israel Provoncha of Tunbridge.

A boy, Zackary Theodore Staake, was born May 29, 2020, to Kasey (Johnson) and Theodore Staake of Williamstown.

A girl, Calliope Blue Burroughs, was born May 30, 2020, to Jade Speranza and Jacob Rollins of Barre.

A boy, John Edwin Shaffner, was born June 1, 2020, to Caroline Fehre and Bob Shaffner of Bridgewater Corners.

A boy, Oak Frances Cayer, was born June 2, 2020, to Mindy (McKenna) and Zachary Cayer of Sharon.

A girl, Luna Rose Graham, was born June 2, 2020, to Shainna Nichols and Jacob Graham of Barre City.

A boy, Taeron John Jacobs, was born June 3, 2020, to Christina (Shea) and David Jacobs of Brookfield.


A boy, Matthew McGowan, was born May 20, 2020, to Cassie and James McGowan of Barre.

A girl, Seanna Jane Lackey, was born May 22, 2020, to Samantha Marceau and Jeffrey Lackey of Barre.

A girl, Hazel Laura Hall, was born May 24, 2020, to Elizabeth (Olson) and Ricky Hall of East Montpelier.

A boy, Aiden James Nelson, was born May, 26, 2020, to Heather (Flannigan) and James Nelson of Ryegate.

A girl, Haleigh Lee Grimes, was born May 27, 2020, to LeeOnna Field and Steve Grimes of Barre.

A boy, Sawyer Elliott Greene, was born June 2, 2020, to Eric and Kacey Greene of Montpelier.

A boy, Beckett Allen Clark, was born June 3, 2020, to Lacey and Brooks Clark of Fayston.

A girl, Violet Louise Chapman, was born June 4, 2020, to Kimberly (Duprey) and Kyle Chapman of Montpelier.

A girl, Camile Virginia Davy, was born June 7, 2020, to Rebecca Larned and Kyle Davy of Montpelier.

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