Central Vermont Medical Center

A girl, Violet Ruth Percy, was born March 8, 2020, to Erica Hebert and Alex Percy of Montpelier.

A boy, August William Long, was born March 9, 2020, to Dan and Katie (Spaulding) Long of Waterbury Center.

A boy, Bowen Gabriel Marvel, was born March 9, 2020, to Gary and Nellie (Condee) Marvel of Montpelier.

A girl, Frances Lucille Eberle, was born March 13, 2020, to Britta and Will Eberle of Northfield.

A boy, Jameson Owen Humphrey, was born March 14, 2020, to Molly Barr and Justin Humphrey of Berlin.

A girl, Ellie Mae Dunn, was born March 19, 2020, to Sabrina Leclerc and Zak Dunn of Berlin.

A boy, Paxton Eric Adams, was born March 26, 2020, to Katelyn Pierce and Matthew Adams of East Montpelier.

A girl, Leddie Jeanne Houston, was born March 26, 2020, to Jade Houston of Hardwick.

A boy, Joseph Edward Zack, was born March 30, 2020, to Dakota and Fonda (McKinney) Zack of West Topsham.

A boy, Cameron Martin Johnson, was born March 31, 2020, to Susannah McPhee and Alex Johnson of Montpelier.

A boy, Corbin Kendall Wimble, was born April 6, 2020, to Ashley Metevier and Andrew Wimble of Waitsfield.

A boy, Benjamin Meyer Arduengo, was born April 11, 2020, to Sebastian and Cara (Lovell) Arduengo of Barre Town.

A girl, Madelynn Ann Maurice, was born April 11, 2020, to Patricia Langley and Brandon Maurice of Northfield.

Copley Hospital

A girl, Cassia Spring Witmer, was born March 17, 2020, to Nevin and Janette (Graham) Witmer of Wolcott.

A girl, Gwyneth Ann Ranslow, was born March 19, 2020, to Jesse and Sonja (Foster) Ranslow of Waterville.

A boy, Cooper Lawrence Clement, was born March 21, 2020, to Christopher and Whitney (Despault) Clement of Morrisville.

A girl, Opal Lucille Race, was born March 24, 2020, to Kyja Page and Matthew Race of Hyde Park.

A boy, Keplin Matthew Ryan DeGreenia, was born March 25, 2020, to Kayla (Moulton) and Phil DeGreenia III of Greensboro Bend.

A boy, Wesley Daniel Kallberg, was born April 1, 2020, to Ethan and Leah (Rafferty) Kallberg of Morrisville.

A girl, Rebekah Ruth Heller, was born April 8, 2020, to Luke and Danielle Heller of Morrisville.

Gifford Medical Center

A boy, Ronin Boreas Caouette, was born April 14, 2020, to Michelle Villarina-Caouette and Joseph Caouette of Rochester.

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