Copley Hospital

A boy,, Camden Edward-George Wescom, was May 29, 2020, to Shyann Macneal of Morrisville.

A girl, Kaya Karma Spofford, was born May 31, 2020, to Bailey Sheets and Lucas Hulsebos-Spofford of Hyde Park.

A boy, Oliver Greyson Andrew Boisclair, was born June 9, 2020, to Sarah Wilson and Lucas Boisclair of Hyde Park.

A girl, Kaia Jade Wellons, was born June 18, 2020, to Anna Kulik and William Wellons of Waterbury.

A boy, Hatcher Sage Hilfiker, was born June 20, 2020, to Katie Nichols and Stephen Hilfiker of Stowe.


A girl, Avacyn Aliyah Nadeau, was born June 23, 2020, to Haley and Alec Nadeau of Barre.

Gifford Medical Center

A girl, Calliope Blue Burroughs, was born May 30, 2020, to Jade Speranza and Jacob Rollins of Barre.

A boy, John Edwin Shaffner, was born June 1, 2020, to Caroline Fehre and Bob Shaffner of Bridgewater Corners.

A girl, Luna Rose Graham, was born June 2, 2020, to Shainna Nichols and Jacob Graham of Barre City.

A boy, Taeron John Jacobs, was born June 3, 2020, to David and Christina (Shea) Jacobs of Brookfield.

A boy, Falko Leif Schilling, was born June 10, 2020, to Falko and Elizabeth (McDonald) Schilling of Montpelier.

A girl, Rowan Bailey Daigle, was born June 18, 2020, to Katrina Scribner and Andrew Daigle of Roxbury.

A girl, Michele Cherish Skinner, was born June 18, 2020, to Mariah Farrington and Paul Skinner of Williamstown.

A girl, Jenna Raelyn Lawrence, was born June 20, 2020, to Jesse and Jennifer (Ackerley) Lawrence of Sharon.

A boy, Aaron Ebenezer Wright, was born June 24, 2020, to Alexander and Audriana (Pelkey) Wright of Barre.

A girl, Astria Rose Brousseau, was born June 26, 2020, to  Ashley Outlaw and Mark Brousseau of Plymouth. 

A boy, Fjell Arlo Cartwright, was born June 26, 2020, to Kyle and Zoe (Cole-Levesque) Cartwright of Bethel.

A girl was born June 29, 2020, to Harriet Hart and Daniel Coppock of Montpelier.


A girl, Lilith Marie Davis, was born June 8, 2020, to Shanna (Davis) Boardman of Plainfield.

A boy, Forest Menard Jr., was born June 9, 2020, to Erica Johnston and Forest Menard of South Woodbury.

A girl, Finley Roxanne Benson, was June 10, 2020, to Nicholas and Jasmin (Boyce) Benson of Barre Town.

A girl, Teaghan Blake Foster, was born June 18, 2020, to Amber and Zachary Foster of East Calais.

A boy, Chen Hue Ryan, was born June 29, 2020, to Amy Chen and Barry Ryan of Montpelier.

A girl, Ellinor Jean Landry, was born July 2, 2020, to Frank and Grace (Small) Landry of Randolph.

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