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Green Mountain Club partners with Athletic Brewing Co.

Support The Long Trail

WATERBURY CENTER — The Green Mountain Club, guardian of Vermont’s Long Trail, announces Athletic Brewing Co. as a new corporate sponsor at the Camel’s Hump $15,000 level. The Camel’s Hump sponsorship includes underwriting a week of trail work on the Long Trail.

 The Green Mountain Club is committed to maintaining a high-quality hiking experience across the high mountain summits and working forest lands, while protecting the natural resources that make the Long Trail such a unique hiking experience.

Founded by a Middlebury College graduate, Athletic Brewing Co. values great tasting non-alcoholic beer as much as getting outside and being active. With the Two for the Trails program, Athletic Brewing Co. donates 2% of all sales dollars to maintaining trails and parks around the country.

Support grassland birds

MONTPELIER — Boblinks, meadowlarks, Savannah sparrows and grasshopper sparrows are in decline due to the loss of appropriate grassland habitat.

Landowners can make a difference by altering the times of year they mow fields. The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is encouraging landowners to help promote these species by waiting a little longer to mow and give these birds a chance to complete their nesting season.

Landowners who mow their fields for aesthetic reasons can maintain these fields and accommodate nesting birds simply by cutting later in the summer, preferably after Aug. 15.

Sterling College housing

CRAFTSBURY COMMON — Sterling College will house students in Living & Learning Pods, creating intentional communities of 7-18 students who enjoy ecological thinking and action. The fall term will begin in late August. Students will eat, sleep, dine, learn and work as self-contained units in their areas of study with small teams of dedicated faculty and staff, allowing a “deep dive” into their studies in a low-risk environment.

Each Living & Learning Pod will be equipped with the technology for remote instruction. This approach will help ensure earning can continue uninterrupted in the event individuals or entire pods need to be isolated or quarantined due to COVID-19 exposure or infection.

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