Rachel Carter PR branches out


Now six years into her business, Rachel Carter PR, Rachel Carter is tweaking her creation to include room for her passion: improving Vermont’s working landscape. Carter received the 2008 Vermont Young Careerist of the Year award from the Business and Professional Women’s organization, and a 2010 Vermont Business Magazine Rising Star award. A co-author of Vermont: An Explorer’s Guide with Christina Tree, Carter has recently finished the 13th edition of the book. She also took time off to marry Mitch Pauley, a teacher, and to tour England. While carrying on her work with long-standing clients such as National Life Group and Vermont Technical College, Carter is focusing on consulting and employee training for Vermont businesses that are implementing their own public relations, social media, and grassroots marketing efforts. “I’m more of a leader, an innovator, a creator,” she said. “I’m committed to Vermonters being able to afford to live and thrive in their communities. I’m interested in using the skills I have honed to lead a broader spectrum of Vermonters in sustaining their localized economies with increased farm and forest industry.” As a result, Carter is seeking new avenues through which to connect with Vermonters both in and outside of her Charlotte-based public relations business. Her services include facilitating publicity and awareness-raising action plans with key personnel; training marketing and customer-service staff; and providing background tools such as technical training and media database development. She said her professional expertise in project leadership, problem-solving, operational strategy, marketing, public relations, public speaking, and training align with her experience in Vermont’s agriculture, recreation and agritourism industries. New technologies help small businesses to implement what is best for their missions, their customers and the environment, she said. “Businesses often struggle with how to integrate social-media pieces,” she said. “I go in to companies and help train employees to become their own PR social-media practitioners. Sometimes only a few hours are involved; it doesn’t need to take six months.” v

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