Associated Press BURLINGTON - Police have reopened an unsolved, 30-year-old murder case. They're following new leads and hoping that new technology will help them as they also investigate whether the 1972 shooting death of Lloyd Patrick Fitzgerald might be related to another killing. Witnesses approached police recently with new details, said Detective Art Cyr, who is leading the reopened investigation. "Witnesses have come forward who, for whatever reason, didn't tell us all they knew at the time," Cyr said. Fitzgerald was a 27-year-old married father of three when he disappeared the night of Oct. 2, 1972. His partially decomposed body was found five months later, lying face-up in a frozen puddle of water and slush near the Winooski River in Burlington's Intervale. Police believe Fitzgerald was killed within hours of when he was last seen, at the north Burlington home of a dentist where Fitzgerald had gone to do some wiring work. Through police, Fitzgerald's family declined to comment on the reopening of the murder case. Cyr, like investigators 30 years ago, declined to say the number of times Fitzgerald was shot. Cyr also declined to discuss specifically the new leads. Investigators plan to pore over boxes of old evidence and apply new methods to evaluate it. Advances since the crime in forensic technology, such as DNA evidence and the study of firearms, could shed new light on the case. "We've got a fair amount of evidence we can look at and apply some new standards," said Deputy Chief Walt Decker. Detectives also are interviewing witnesses and hoping for tips from the public, said Cyr. Fitzgerald's disappearance and death were mysteries. People searched in the days after he disappeared. After his body was found, no motives could be uncovered. Fitzgerald had no criminal record, apparently no enemies and was a popular electrician. Authorities said soon after that they had significant leads, but they soon evaporated and no one was charged. By October 1973, investigators determined Fitzgerald had been killed by the same gun used in the August 1972 shooting death of Raymond Lestage in a Royalton cemetery. Two men, Ray Rebideau and Frank Berard Jr., were convicted of first-degree murder in that crime, and a third man, Bernard Woodmansee, was convicted of being an accessory after the fact. All three were in jail awaiting trial when Fitzgerald disappeared in October 1972. Decker said police are pursuing that connection in the reopened inquiry. "A number of individuals who were incarcerated at the time are now cooperating," he said. "They want to complete their lives with a clean slate."

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