TOWN OF BARRE - NOTICE OF TAX SALE Property of ROBERTA JOHNSON (Map 026, Lot 047-00; 18 Middle Road) The resident and nonresident owners, lien holders, and mortgagees of lands and premises in the Town of Barre, in the County of Washington, are hereby notified that the taxes, assessments, charges and/or levies assessed by such Town for the years 2013/2014 through 2018/2019 remain, either in whole or in part, unpaid on the following described property in Barre Town, to wit: Being the property commonly known as 18 Middle Road, and more particularly described as all of the same lands and premises conveyed to Roberta Johnson by Warranty Deed of Janet MacIver, dated January 30, 2009, and recorded in Book 237 at Page 451 of the Land Records of the Town of Barre. and so much of such lands and premises will be sold at public auction at the Barre Town Municipal Offices in Websterville, Vermont, a public place in such Town on the seventh (7th) day of March, 2019, at two o'clock (2:00) in the afternoon as shall be requisite to discharge such taxes, assessments, charges and/or levies with costs and fees, unless previously paid. DATED at the Town of Barre, County of Washington, State of Vermont this 31st day of January, 2019. Carl R. Rogers, Town of Barre Collector of Delinquent Taxes, Assessments, Charges and Levies

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