Town of Berlin Public Hearing Notice Notice is hereby given that pursuant to 24 V.S.A § 4444, the Berlin Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on December 20, 2018, at 7:00 PM in the Berlin Elementary School Library, 372 Paine Turnpike North, Berlin, VT 05602. The purpose of the hearing is to take public comments on a proposed UNIFIED CODE OF LAND USE AND DEVELOPMENT REGULATIONS of the Town of Berlin. These Regulations will pertain to all land uses and development activities in the Town of Berlin. Copies of the full text of the proposed bylaw and zoning district map are available for review at Berlin Town Office 108 Shed Road Berlin, Vermont. TABLE of CONTENTS Part 1 General 1. Legal Framework 2. Exemptions 3. Vested Rights & Pre-Existing Development Part 2 Zoning Districts and Standards 1. General Provisions 2. Base Zoning Districts 3. Overlay Zoning Districts Part 3 Development Standards 1. General Standards 2. Special Use Standards 3. Site Plan Standards 4. Conditional Use Standards 5. Planned Unit Development (PUD) Standards 6. Subdivision Standards Part 4 Administrative Procedures 1. Roles and Responsibilities 2. Fees and Filing Requirements 3. Zoning permit Procedures 4. Development Review Procedures 5. Subdivision and PUD Review Procedures 6. Appeal Procedures 7. Notice, Hearing & Decision Procedures 8. Enforcement Procedures Part 5 Definitions 1. Interpretations 2. Calculations & Measurements 3. Land Use Description 4. Defined Terms

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