PROPOSED STATE RULES =============================================== By law, public notice of proposed rules must be given by publication in newspapers of record. The purpose of these notices is to give the public a chance to respond to the proposals. The public notices for administrative rules are now also available online at . The law requires an agency to hold a public hearing on a proposed rule, if requested to do so in writing by 25 persons or an association having at least 25 members. To make special arrangements for individuals with disabilities or special needs please call or write the contact person listed below as soon as possible. To obtain further information concerning any scheduled hearing(s), obtain copies of proposed rule(s) or submit comments regarding proposed rule(s), please call or write the contact person listed below. You may also submit comments in writing to the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules, State House, Montpelier, Vermont 05602 (802-828-2231). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Earned Good Time Rule. Vermont Proposed Rule: 20E15 AGENCY: Agency of Human Services, Department of Corrections CONCISE SUMMARY: This Rule reinstitutes an Earned Good Time (EGT) program for Vermont’s Department of Corrections’ incarcerated and furloughed offenders. Offenders on probation, parole, earning Work Camp Good Time and serving life sentences without parole are ineligible. For each month eligible incarcerated or furloughed offenders are “not adjudicated of a major disciplinary rule violation” and are “not reincarcerated from the community for a violation of release conditions” (but for no-fault housing loss), they will be awarded up to seven (7) days of Earned Good Time credit toward their minimum and maximum sentence. Offenders receiving day- for-day inpatient treatment post adjudication are ineligible during their treatment. The Department is obligated to record monthly EGT-related changes to offenders’ sentences, notify offenders of these changes at least every ninety days, notify victims of record of the program at its outset, and maintain a system where victims can procure relevant information as necessary. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, CONTACT: Anne Corbin, Agency of Human Services, Department of Corrections, Central Office, NOB South, 280 State Drive, Waterbury, VT 05671-2000 Tel: 802-760-8077 Email: anne.corbin@ URL: FOR COPIES: Cullen Bullard, Agency of Human Services Department of Corrections, Central Office, NOB South, 280 State Drive, Waterbury, VT 05671-2000 Tel: 802-241-0088 Email: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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