STATE OF VERMONT SUPERIOR COURT WASHINGTON UNIT CIVIL DIVISION Docket Number 435-7-17 Wncv Vermont Housing Finance Agency, Plaintiff v. Karen J. Pierce, n/k/a Karen Kerin and Charles S. Martin Defendants NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE SALE By virtue of the Judgment and Decree of Foreclosure by Judicial Sale (“Foreclosure Judgment”) filed March 19, 2018 and the Power of Sale contained in a certain mortgage granted by Karen J. Pierce, n/k/a Karen Kerin (“Mortgagor”), to Fleet Real Estate Funding Corp. dated November 23, 1994 and recorded in Book 64 at Pages 342-349of the Town of Middlesex Land Records, of which mortgage Vermont Housing Finance Agency is the present holder under an Assignment of Mortgage dated September 29, 1999 of record in Book 71 at Page 475 of the Town of Middlesex Land Records, for breach of the conditions of the mortgage and for the purpose of foreclosing the same, the undersigned will cause to be sold at public auction (“Sale”) at 11:00 AM on November 29, 2018, the lands and premises known as 594 Vermont Route 12, Middlesex, Vermont (“Mortgaged Property”) more particularly described as follows: Being all and the same land and premises conveyed to Karen Pierce, n/k/a Karen Kerin, by Warranty Deed of Middlesex Investment Group dated November 23, 1994 and of record in Book 64 at Pages 351-353 of the Town of Middlesex Land Records and therein described as follows: Being a part of the same lands and premises conveyed to Middlesex Investment Group by the Warranty Deed of Ellery E. Packard, Jr. and Frances C. Packard, dated April 19, 1989 and recorded in Book 53, Page 7 of the Middlesex Land Records and being more particularly described as follows: Being a parcel of land of 2.0 acres with a house and garage situate thereon, and depicted as Lot #1 on a survey entitled "Property of Middlesex Investment Group, Middlesex, Vermont, December 1992, 1 inch= 50 feet, by, T.B.M. Land Surveys, 1210-1 T.B.M." and recorded in Middlesex Land Records, Map Book 3, Page ______. It should be noted that the driveway leading from Vermont Route 12 to the property conveyed herein, which is shown on the above-referenced map as the "existing roadway (dirt)" has been eliminated in part. In its place is a driveway which runs southerly and southeasterly across said Lot #1 until it meets a 50 foot wide right of way, which right of way is partly on the property conveyed herein and partly on land retained by Grantor. Grantor herein further conveys to grantee, and her heirs and assigns a right of way over and upon this right of way, for purposes of ingress and egress from the herein conveyed property to and from Vermont Route 12.The length of the right of way conveyed herein is approximately 180 feet (that measurement being taken from the edge of pavement on Vermont Route 12 to the point where the driveway leading from the house meets the roadway). This conveyance is subject to and with the benefit of any utility easements, spring rights, easements for ingress and egress, and rights incidental to each of the same as may appear of record, provided that this paragraph shall not reinstate any such encumbrances previously extinguished by the Marketable Record Title Act, Chapter 5, Subchapter 7, Title 27, Vermont Statutes Annotated. Reference is hereby made to the above mentioned instruments, the records thereof, the references therein made, and their respective records and references, in further aid of this description. TERMS OF SALE: The Sale will be held at the Mortgaged Property. The Mortgaged Property will be sold “AS IS, WHERE IS, WITH ALL FAULTS, WITH NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND”, subject to easements, rights of way, covenants, permits, reservations and restrictions of record, superior liens, if any, encumbrances that are not extinguished by the sale, title defects, environmental hazards, unpaid real estate taxes and other municipal liens (delinquent and current, including penalty and interest), to the highest bidder. The successful bidder shall pay a deposit of at least $10,000 of the purchase price in cash or bank treasurer’s/cashier’s check at the time of Sale. The balance of the purchase price shall be paid within ten days after entry of a confirmation order. The successful bidder will be required to sign a purchase and sale contract with NO CONTINGENCIES except confirmation of the sale by the court. Title will be transferred by Confirmation Order. The Sale may be postponed one or more times for a total time of up to thirty (30) days, by announcing the new sale date to those present at each adjournment or by posting notice at a conspicuous location at the place of the Sale. Notice of the new sale date shall also be sent by first class mail, postage prepaid, to the mortgagor at the mortgagor’s last known address at least five days before the new sale date. Other terms to be announced at the Sale or contact the Thomas Hirchak Company at 1-800-634-7653 or The Mortgagor, or her personal representatives or assigns, may redeem the Mortgaged Property at any time prior to the Sale by paying the full amount due under the mortgage, including post-judgment expenses and the costs and expenses of sale. Dated at Cabot, Vermont, this 25th day of September, 2018. Vermont Housing Finance Agency By: Steckel Law Office By:/s/ Susan J. Steckel By: Susan J. Steckel, Esq. P. O. Box 247 Marshfield, Vermont 05658-0247 802-563-4400

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