STATE OF VERMONT VERMONT SUPERIOR COURT -- ENVIRONMENTAL DIVISION In re: Capital Plaza Corporation, City of Montpelier and Mary Heney Trust Application # 5W1591 Env. Ct Docket No.________ NOTICE OF APPEAL from DISTRICT COMMISSION Now come Les Blomberg, Daniel Costin and Jeffrey Parker, each of whom was a person who participated in the proceedings of the District Commission (Mr. Blomberg) or who sought party status and was denied by the District Commission (Mr. Blomberg on some issues, Mr. Costin and Mr. Parker), and they appeal the decision of the District Commission dated May 2, 2019. A copy of the Decision is attached. The statutory and legal bases for the appeal and/or interested person status are 10 V.S.A. §§ 8503, 8504, Vermont Environmental Court Rules 2 and 5, and Vermont Rule of Appellate Procedure 2. The applicants are the Capital Plaza Corporation and the City of Montpelier. The property is owned by the applicants. The property is a proposed hotel and parking garage at 100 State Street. All interested persons are hereby advised that they must enter an appearance in writing with the court within 21 days of receiving this notice, or in such other time as may be provided in Vermont Environmental Court Rule 5(c), if they wish to participate in the appeal. Dated at Bristol, Vermont, this 12th day of May, 2019 BY: James A. Dumont James A. Dumont, Esq. PO Box 229 15 Main St. Bristol, VT 05443

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