Plainfield Wastewater System Ordinance Public Hearing Monday January 27, 2020 6:30pm The Plainfield Selectboard will hold a Public Hearing to consider final adoption of the proposed Wastewater System Ordinance. The hearing will be held at the Plainfield Municipal Building at 6:30pm. Proposed Plainfield Wastewater System Ordinance Pursuant to the municipal charter of the Town of Plainfield at 24 App. V.S.A. Ch. 131, § 301-305, Ordinances, and Vermont Statutes Title 24, Chapter 59, Chapter 89, Chapter 97, Chapter 101, Chapter 129, and Chapter 131, 10 V.S.A.1263, and 1 V.S.A. 126, and such other general enactments as may be material hereto, which include the authority to adopt, amend, repeal, charge rates and fines, enforce ordinances and to regulate all aspects of municipally owned wastewater properties and facilities, the Selectboard of the Town of Plainfield hereby adopts the Wastewater System Ordinance as follows and ordains: The articles provided below set forth the regulations that apply to current or proposed customers of the Town of Plainfield Public Community Wastewater System. When a customer applies for, and is granted wastewater allocation from the Plainfield Wastewater System, that acceptance represents a contract between the customer and the Town of Plainfield. The customer agrees to discharge wastewater only for legitimate purposes as described in these rules and at established rates and fees set by the Town of Plainfield. Article I Definitions Article II Use of Public Sewers Required Article III Building Sewers and Connections Article IV Use of the Public Sewers Article V Protection from Damage Article VI Powers and Authority of Inspectors Article VII Penalties Article VIII User Charge System Article IX Hearing Board Article X Validity Article XI Effective Date Article XII Adoption This ordinance may be disapproved by a vote of the majority of qualified voters of the Town of Plainfield at a special meeting duly warned for the purpose, and pursuant to a petition signed by not less than five percent of the qualified voters and submitted to the Selectboard or the Town Clerk of the Town of Plainfield within forty four days of the adoption of this ordinance in accordance with VSA 24, section 1973. Plainfield Selectboard A complete draft is available at the Town Clerks Office, 149 Main Street on M/W/F 7:30am-12 and 12:30-4pm or on the Town Website, You can contact Tristan MacGregor-Stewart, Asst. Plant Operator at 802-454-7173, 9am-3pm PO Box 217, Plainfield VT 05667 to answer any questions about this proposed ordinance.

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