Store It All - VT PO Box 234 Barre, VT 05641 802-479-3637 Email: Serves LEGAL NOTICE... Unless balances are paid prior to 11am December 21, 2018 contents of the following storage units will immediately be sold for non-payment of rent: 278 Booska,Olin 646 South Barre Rd 291 Hutchinson, Billie Jo 646 Soth Barre Rd 354 Campbell, Clint 160 Quarry Hill Rd 072 Hurdle, Sean 114 Quarry Hill Rd 268 Torress, Cameron 646 South Barre Rd 218 Healey,Joseph 646 South Barre Rd 409 Orton, Brian 810 East Barre RD 005 Michaud, Christina 170 Quarry Hill Rd 260 Manning, Jennifer 646 South Barre Rd 219 Farnhamlewis, Susan 646 South Barre Rd 241 Spooner, Nicole 646 South Barre Rd 270 Blackley, Elizabeth 646 South Barre Rd 294 Perras, Alana 646 South Barre Rd 230 Danyaw, Brittany 646 South Barre Rd 042 Morse, Randy 170 Quarry Hill Rd 410 Morse, Randy 810 East Barre Rd 329 Davis, Tabitha 160 Quarry Hill Rd 057 Cusson, Nicole 170 Quarry Hill Rd 066 Gagne, Amber 160 Quarry Hill Rd

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