ACT 250 NOTICE MINOR APPLICATION 5W0783-5B 10 V.S.A. §§ 6001 – 6093 On June 29, 2018, Jason Cote-Wong & Elizabeth Bevins and DASS Enterprises, LLC filed application 5W0783-5B for a project generally described as the addition of an “as built” onebedroom apartment within the reconstructed 28' x 40' residential garage on Lot 2-A. In addition, this permit authorizes the primary residence to revert back into into a 3-bedroom single family home. The project is located on 4023 US Route 2 in East Montpelier, Vermont. No hearing will be held and a permit will be issued unless, on or before April 3, 2019, a party notifies the District 5 Commission in writing at the address below of an issue requiring a hearing or the Commission sets the matter for hearing on its own motion. Such hearing request must include a petition for party status. The application and proposed permit may also be viewed on the Natural Resources Board's web site ( Click on "Act 250 Database" and enter project number 5W0783-5B. For more information contact the district coordinator listed below. Dated at Montpelier, Vermont this 12th day of March 2019. By: Susan Baird, District Coordinator Districts 5, 6 & 9 Environmental Commissions 10 Baldwin Street Montpelier, Vermont 05633-3201 802-476-0134

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