Artist Tuyen My Nguyen at Studio Place Arts.

BARRE – Studio Place Arts (SPA) has selected local artist Tuyen My Nguyen to participate in its Studio Residency Program from Nov. 1, 2018 to Oct. 12, 2019.

Nguyen has designed and installed two major site-specific installations at SPA that translate conceptual ideas into spatial environments, including one currently on display through early November called “Tension,” completed in collaboration with New York artist Misook Park.

Four years ago SPA received its first small grant to provide an opportunity for an emerging local artist to work from a small private studio at the art center free of charge for 11 months. Through this annual program, the artist develops a new body of work and mounts an exhibit at SPA of this work for six weeks.

“We’ve enjoyed giving promising artists at the beginning of their careers a meaningful opportunity to interact with artists, instructors and community members at SPA,” said Sue Higby, SPA’s executive director. “The value of our residency program is that it gives artists sufficient time to focus, experiment, adjust and bring a compelling new body of work to culmination.”

During her residency at SPA, Nguyen will be experimenting with creating smaller-scaled pieces still using common and found materials, such as thread, in order to explore different effects, patterns and concepts. Additionally, she will use photography as a means to examine the abstract imagery resulting from some of these installations or sculptural works.

“An opportunity to work from SPA, among inspirational and hard-working local artists, will afford me a separate place to think and create, free from distractions, allowing me time and space to engage in deep work to develop my practice as a working artist,” Nguyen said. “Through this residency, I’d like to practice creating work in quantity in addition to quality.”

Nguyen attended Loyola University in New Orleans for her bachelor of fine arts and she completed 1.5 years in the Graduate Architecture Program at Cornell University before making the decision to work full time in art. Nguyen lives in the greater Barre-Montpelier area. Her SPA exhibition is slated to begin Sept. 17, 2019.

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