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MP&mm welcomes Rutland Herald reporter Patrick McArdle to the team. This week he talks with Jim Lowe about a number of events happening around the state and the change of season's affects on the arts. In the second half George Nostrand interviews Moira Smiley who will be at the Epic Little Folk Fest in Brandon on September 20th. 

Major Prelude 1:00 - 10:30

1:00 Laredos plays Brubeck 

2:28 A Doll House - Part 2

5:20 The Four Italian Tenors

6:30 Francois Clemmons receives Governor's award

7:30 Sculpture show openings in Montpelier

8:00 Savoring the last sounds of summer

minor mishaps 10:30 - 31:50

opening with an original song by Moria Siley and SVER

11:45 Moira talks about traveling to Israel and Palestine and the power of sharing music in places of conflict (link)

14:00 Moira on returning to Vermont

15:00 The band SVER, who will be performing with Moria at the Epic Little Folk Festival

17:30 The venue - Tourterelle 

18:45 Other projects Moira is working on

21:30 Live performance of "Devil's Nine Questions"

24:15 Background and information on the festival

27:27 Live performance of an original, "Wise Man," from Moira's album, "Unzip the Horizon"

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