Vote for Walz, Anthony Why I am casting my vote for Tommy Walz and Peter Anthony. In my mind, Tommy Walz and Peter Anthony are community-focused as well as politicians, looking out for everyone’s interest in Barre, volunteering and taking part in different organizations and boards. Not only that, they have always made time to talk to people about their concerns and ideas. That is how I originally met both of them. When I was first getting my feet wet and learning about local government, they made time for me. They answered my questions, took time out to have coffee with me, and learned what I was about and what my issues and concerns were. Every year since they remembered my name and asked about my family. It made me feel good that even when they were not door-knocking or looking for a vote, they still knew who I was. When I ran for city council, it was good to feel the encouragement from long -erm politicians pushing to get more women involved in politics. I want my vote to reflect the ideals that they have. Being Inclusive of everyone, encouraging minorities to get involved in politics and taking the time to listen to the people and have their voting records reflect what the people want. Ericka Reil lives in Barre. Paid Political Endorsement

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