Supporting Demrow Carl Demrow used his knowledge of the people who live and work within his district to push the ACT 250 board to include language advocating for forest producers. In doing so he advocated for the livelihood of many local citizens, intrinsically tied to the woods, through work, conservation, and appreciation. While a thriving woodland helps sequester carbon, woodland product workers act in consortium with current use to create vibrant woods, a local economy and jobs that are part of the guiding work ethic of this area. He is a rural voice in a sometimes too-often-urban legislature. Act 250 is a big bill and re-visiting it is in order but I am glad to have someone from our area who understands the potential ramifications of state legislations on local communities. On another note, Carl is well versed in the value of our youngest community members and the need to support their growth, and care providing family systems that can thrive in today's economy. On the flip side of that is his respect for the integration of early care in rural communities to foster and promote the survival of the Orange County Parent Child Center within the FBUD district. I hope the voters of this area will re-elect Carl to keep our voice strong in the legislature. Karen Johnson lives in Washington. Paid Political Endorsement

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