For Walz, Anthony I have known Tommy Walz and Peter Anthony since I first moved to Barre. They were there to welcome a young couple that was excited to move into this community and get involved. They also understand what it is that attracts young families like ours to move here: good wages, affordable housing prices, a strong sense of community and culture. Tommy and Peter have been champions in fighting for all of us in Barre, and we need to send them back to the Statehouse for two more years. Tommy is someone whose approach to politics is desperately needed right now in Montpelier and in Washington. Rather than being governed by a certain ideology or told how to vote by party leadership, Tommy looks at the data. Good ideas get the thumbs up, bad ideas get the thumbs down – exactly how I have aimed to model myself in the City Council chamber. Peter is someone who advocates for Barre in all he does. He is a familiar presence at City Council meetings where he attends to stay up to date on the progress of city projects, and understand how the discussions they are having in Montpelier affect us in City Hall. When we have discussed important charter changes, or even more granular details such as streets policies, Peter has been there to help us understand what the state can (or cannot) do to help the city. I hope you will join me in sending these great representatives for Barre City, Tommy Walz and Peter Anthony, back to Montpelier for two more years. Teddy Waszazak lives in Barre. Paid Political Endorsement

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