For Anthony, Walz When I think about who to vote for, it's important to me to have representatives who listen to me with respect and are responsive to my concerns. For that reason, I have been deeply impressed with both Tommy Walz and Peter Anthony in their capacity as Representatives for Barre City over the last two years. Each year, Tommy posts a list of issues likely to come up in the legislative session, and asks constituents to send in their rankings. I have often done so, and it often sparks further conversation. I have also written to him on other occasions and he has always been responsive, often taking time both privately and publicly here on Front Porch Forum to untangle tricky policy issues and explain why he voted the way he did. Two years ago, Peter heard me speak at a community meeting about an issue that was deeply important to me personally. I also wrote him about it separately after he was elected. When the Vermont House passed a bill addressing that issue, Peter knocked on my door and gave me his personal copy of the final bill, which he had cosponsored. I still keep that copy at my desk in my home office. I've seen many, many other examples of Peter's deep compassion and careful attention to Barre City voters. On a similar note, I wrote to ask a handful of simple questions to candidate Karen Lauzon at the email she shared on her recent mailing. It has now been 10 days since I sent that email, and I have not received any response. For those reasons, I am writing in support of both Tommy Walz and Peter Anthony. They have earned my vote to send them back to the Vermont House of Representatives. Amanda Gustin lives in Barre. Paid Political Endorsement

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