WORCESTER — The timing is purely coincidental, but there is suddenly another administrative search to launch in the five-town six-school Washington Central Supervisory Union.

After serving as principal of Doty Memorial School for four years, Matt Young has announced he will be leaving Worcester’s pre-K-6 school in June.

With the search for an interim successor for Superintendent Bill Kimball just getting started, Worcester school directors will soon join their counterparts in Middlesex in the market for a new principal.

Earlier this year Aimee Toth informed the Middlesex board she would not be renewing her contract and last week Young shared similar news with Worcester families.

Young’s looming departure is literally tied to his desire to take his career to the next level. He’ll be leaving Worcester’s 60-student elementary school to take over as middle level principal at Peoples Academy in Morrisville on July 1.

“My decision to leave was based solely on taking the next step in my career, pursuing my passion of working with middle level learners, and working a little closer to my home,” Young said of the job he was offered earlier this month.

An added bonus, Young said, was that Peoples Academy includes a middle school and high school program — giving him the opportunity to work closely with another principal.

That opportunity doesn’t exist in Worcester, though Young said he will miss the intimate small school environment that does. It is one, he said, where establishing personal relationships with all students and their families, as well as the school’s staff isn’t challenging, but is rewarding.

Young said the same goes for the broader community.

“I am ... going to deeply miss the way that we have been able to leverage expertise in the Worcester community to create authentic and powerful learning experiences for our students,” he said citing the annual “All School Play” at Doty as a prime example.

“We have professional musicians and other volunteers in our community that generously donate their time to work with students to create a completely unique and student driven theatrical performance each year,” he said. “It’s a powerful and valuable learning experience for kids and I will miss being a part of it.”

While Young still has work to do in Worcester, he said he is excited about the job he just accepted and taking the next step in an educational career that has spanned 15 years and counting.

A graduate of Virginia Tech, Young got his start teaching physical education in Lake Placid, New York, for 10 years before coming to Vermont, where he taught briefly participated in two administrative internships and was hired four years ago to take the principal’s job at Doty.

The Worcester School Board hasn’t met since Young was offered and accepted the Peoples Academy job earlier this month, though members acknowledged the need to prepare to search for his replacement during this week’s special school district meeting.


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