BARRE — Amid apocalyptic predictions about the post-pandemic future of restaurants, John and Diane Hood will open one on Washington Street this weekend.

BARRE — The schedule has changed, some of the picnic tables are under construction, and the list of vendors hasn’t been finalized, but plans to convert Currier Park into a once-a-week outdoor eatery are now fixed and “Food Truck Thursdays” will soon be a thing in Barre.

One of Vermont’s most revered iconic musicians, Gordon Stone, passed away July 10, shocking his many friends and leaving a big hole in Vermont’s music community. Stone, 70, leaves behind an important body of recordings, influence in several musical styles and a performing career of more than…

Well, I feel like I have been gone from writing forever. I’m sure that everyone missed me talking about weight for the summer and ticks, but the good news is that I have been storing up a lot of thoughts and tips to share with everyone.

One of the oldest, if not the oldest, political theater companies in the country, Bread and Puppet is getting ready to present its first show since the pandemic hit, at the company’s farm and headquarters in Glover. “Inusurrection and Resurrection Services” will be presented in its pine forest memorial village through the rest of the summer.

Food has long been the great connector. Vermonters, in particular, are a foodie bunch: Whether we’re connecting with neighbors and farmers while buying seasonal produce at the weekly farmers market, lingering in conversation with friends around a potluck meal, or sharing recipes for Vermont’…

On Marvin Street, Victor Guadagno broke ground this spring on a large vegetable garden. But this one isn’t in his own yard; the long-time gardener and food systems advocate put the garden on his neighbor Susan Adam’s property, a woman who is in her 90s and unable to garden for herself.

Tim Lehmann is the current sculptor-in-residence at the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center in West Rutland. He is using his residency to carve an exquisitely complex elecampane leaf in Danby marble.

BARRE — Too many cooks might be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to keeping vulnerable Vermonters fed in the middle of a pandemic.

On Monday evenings, members of the Mad River Chorale rehearse for their spring or holiday concerts. Like everything else, this weekly event was turned upside down by COVID-19.

BARRE — A veteran superintendent, an interim superintendent and a principal with ties to central Vermont are still in the running to take over the two-town, three-school Barre Unified Union School District when Superintendent John Pandolfo leaves for Colorado on June 30.

“I am really passionate about canoeing and the concept of additive manufacturing,” says Matt Lutz, of East Calais, an architect, and professor of architecture at Norwich University. “I wanted to prepare myself for teaching my architecture students what are emerging technologies and the canoe…

As the coronavirus pandemic rumbles into its third week, it appears that no business, not even Vermont’s quintessential maple industry, can hide from COVID-19. The annual Maple Open House Weekend, where sugarhouses throughout the state are open to the public, and the Lunenberg Maple Festival…

“Ray Brown: Tumbling Toward the End” is the first solo exhibition ever at The Front, a cooperative gallery that has been presenting group shows of its members’ works on Barre Street in Montpelier since 2016.

A bright yellow sunflower with straight green stem glows in the center of a field of blue fabric. The words “Vermont Campaign Abolish Nuclear Weapons” in white letters encircle it. This bright fabric call to action is among the selections in “Tell Me What’s Really Going On” at Montpelier’s T.W. Wood Gallery.

BARRE — The story of Barre’s Italian granite sculptors is well-known and remembered, but Barre’s legion of sculptors also came from a wide variety of countries such as Canada, England, Ireland, France, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Switzerland and Spain.

MONTPELIER — Student safety on the streets of the Capital City was celebrated at a school assembly at Main Street Middle School.

“The deeper purpose of ‘Vermont Artists to Watch’ goes beyond a magazine feature, an exhibition, and artist boosterism,” Ric Kasini Kadour said. “The goal is to reframe how artists are seen by society and promote engagement with visual art.”

MONTPELIER — ORCA Media is headed up the hill in a move from City Center to the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Tom Blachly, who has directed some 12 of Shakespeare’s plays, hasn’t until now tackled one of his most popular comedies, “As You Like It.” “The reason I haven’t attacked it all these years is that it needs a really good Rosalind,” Blachly said recently by phone. “And I found one in Sorsha Anderson.”

MONTPELIER — The stark reality of climate change for future generations was the theme of the annual Mother Up! Day at the State House last Thursday.

On a frozen winter morning, the sound of my feet crunching along in squeaky snow is an almost daily occurrence as I trek my food scraps, carefully collected during meal prep the day before, out to my backyard compost bin. I emptied the bin in the fall onto a garden bed, and now the bin is fi…

MONTPELIER — A new hub-and-spoke communal car-sharing program that began last summer is expected to expand to other parts of the state in the spring.

Turn the clock back 20 years to when the doors opened at Studio Place Arts. The formerly derelict building on North Main Street in Barre had just finished extensive renovation and was about to begin its new era. Artists were setting up in the newly available studios, arts classes were on the…

BARRE — Evelyn Kalat won’t be riding a name inspired by a summer science experiment that literally got away from her all the way to Mars, but the Barre fifth-grader came much closer than most to putting her personal stamp on the Red Planet.