BARRE — The story of Barre’s Italian granite sculptors is well-known and remembered, but Barre’s legion of sculptors also came from a wide variety of countries such as Canada, England, Ireland, France, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Switzerland and Spain.

MONTPELIER — Student safety on the streets of the Capital City was celebrated at a school assembly at Main Street Middle School.

“The deeper purpose of ‘Vermont Artists to Watch’ goes beyond a magazine feature, an exhibition, and artist boosterism,” Ric Kasini Kadour said. “The goal is to reframe how artists are seen by society and promote engagement with visual art.”

MONTPELIER — ORCA Media is headed up the hill in a move from City Center to the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Tom Blachly, who has directed some 12 of Shakespeare’s plays, hasn’t until now tackled one of his most popular comedies, “As You Like It.” “The reason I haven’t attacked it all these years is that it needs a really good Rosalind,” Blachly said recently by phone. “And I found one in Sorsha Anderson.”

MONTPELIER — The stark reality of climate change for future generations was the theme of the annual Mother Up! Day at the State House last Thursday.

On a frozen winter morning, the sound of my feet crunching along in squeaky snow is an almost daily occurrence as I trek my food scraps, carefully collected during meal prep the day before, out to my backyard compost bin. I emptied the bin in the fall onto a garden bed, and now the bin is fi…

MONTPELIER — A new hub-and-spoke communal car-sharing program that began last summer is expected to expand to other parts of the state in the spring.

Turn the clock back 20 years to when the doors opened at Studio Place Arts. The formerly derelict building on North Main Street in Barre had just finished extensive renovation and was about to begin its new era. Artists were setting up in the newly available studios, arts classes were on the…

BARRE — Evelyn Kalat won’t be riding a name inspired by a summer science experiment that literally got away from her all the way to Mars, but the Barre fifth-grader came much closer than most to putting her personal stamp on the Red Planet.

A winter festival, Montpelier’s standout winter music weekend, celebrates a decade of musical entertainment Jan. 23-26 as the Spice on Snow Festival brings a variety of musical styles to the Capital City.

MONTPELIER – The new year has brought new beginnings for the New England Culinary Institute in the Capital City.

MONTPELIER — The Med Shed has become a valuable resource across central Vermont for loaned medical equipment and supplies to anyone who can’t afford to pay for them.

George Milne is well known in central Vermont as the president of Barre’s Granite Savings Bank and Trust Company for nearly 30 years, but how many are aware that he has been composing “classical” music for decades?

BARRE TOWN – Harry Hinrichsen is calling it a career after serving over 26 years as the town engineer.

BARRE — Plans to convert a former Ayers Street auto parts store into a state-of-the art coffee roasting operation cleared a key hurdle Tuesday night when city councilors approved a surgical change to zoning regulations they adopted earlier this year.

During the holidays, I try to take time from the humdrum of festivities to sit quietly and reflect on how happy and grateful I am for my life here in rural New England. Much of what I appreciate is linked to a life that allows me to spend time in my garden, raising some of the food I eat and…

MONTPELIER — Students in central Vermont are producing artwork that will be projected over the stage during a performance in the Capital City Concert series next month.

MONTPELIER — Pam Arnold will step down at the end of the school year after 14 years as the principal of Main Street Middle School.

Conductor Chelsea Tipton II’s watchword is excellence. The first time he works with an ensemble, he asks for the programs from the last four or five seasons, to see what they like and what they program. That’s exactly what he did when he was invited to conduct this year’s Vermont Symphony Or…

MONTPELIER — It was a “blowout” by all accounts at the 47th annual Washington County Youth Service Bureau’s Thanksgiving feast at the Bethany Church in the Capital City on Thursday.

Why have the impersonal experience of shopping online when you can get unique products from people who really care? Why shop the big box stores and deal with the traffic and ugly strip malls? Stay downtown and really enjoy yourself this holiday season!

EAST MONTPELIER — The old Ceres statue will have a second life after sitting atop the golden dome at the State House for the past 80 years.

“Ancestry” is among Athena Petra Tasioupoulos’ mixed media pieces in her “Faces and Figures” series in a new joint exhibition with Elliot Burg in the Nuquist Room of the T.W. Wood Gallery. Burg’s “Conga!” photographs combine street photography and portraiture in exploring the exuberance and culture of Cuba in 2018.