Vermont Life valued

In reference to a recent letter on the demise of Vermont Life, I’m not sure why it was necessary to heap insult onto injury for the people who diligently worked to produce a high-quality, award-winning magazine, and who have now lost their jobs. Let’s remember that since 1946, Vermont Life has been produced within the State of Vermont’s Department of […]

Not my bag

“It’s just not my bag,” was heard loud and clear in Brattleboro, as the town now prohibits plastic shopping bags. This new pain in the grocery bag law is irking some residents and they want the town to know. One guy just grabbed all of his things after paying and carried them all out to his car in his folded […]

Another option

I am writing to comment on the demise of “Vermont Life.” “The Vermonter” started in 1895 and ran until summer 1946 which, that fall, premiered “Vermont Life” — a pictorial of photos and articles. In recent years, “Vermont Life” had taken a turn for the worse. Ironically, called “Vermont Life,” it portrayed Vermonters who spend all of their time at wine […]

Trump corruption

Nine months before the end of President Obama’s second term, Mitch McConnell declared the people have a right to be heard in the upcoming November election first, before any nomination for a Supreme Court justice could be considered. No way were the Republicans going to allow a replacement for the SCOTUS empty seat by the sitting Democratic president. Only four […]

On newspaper coverage

Not having been aware of the furor created by David Delcore’s story about the tragic murder/suicide in Barre last week, I read Rob Mitchell’s explanation in Tuesday’s edition with interest. I thought Mr. Mitchell did an excellent job of explaining the situation, with humility, and how it happened. Having worked as a journalist for 37 years and having covered such […]

Safety and greed

Safety: I went to the Sunday morning service at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington. Afterward, two nurses presented their case for a possible strike that they felt was necessary. I was interested in what they had to say so I stayed to listen. Half listening from the back of the sanctuary, I heard them say that their work environment […]

Independence provokes domestic violence

Recently, I realized the Fourth of July and domestic violence share something in common — when a woman claims “independence” from a controlling relationship, the controlling partner often attacks her. Domestic violence remains an epidemic problem in Vermont. The recent unrelated murders of Courtney Gaboriault and Anako “Annette” Lumumba by their boyfriends reflect an alarming need to strengthen women’s rights […]

Democracy may perish

Human beings are an experiment: Collisions of chemical-induced neurons that stood upright and roamed the earth. From that experiment have come others, most notably that of democracy being a viable form of political expression that best serves the needs of those who have pledged allegiance to a geophysical state. The United States has been held up by the world as […]

Simple kayak rescue

I was saddened to see the report of the presumed loss of the kayaker after his kayak capsized. There is a way to rescue kayakers after their kayaks capsize. I know because it once happened to me. Finding myself suddenly in the water, I was fortunate to have with me a friend in another kayak, who was an experienced kayaker. […]

Also, gun violence

A very sad day in Barre City, but sadder still is the neglect of media, police and leadership to identify one of the main elements of the tragic murder that occurred last Wednesday. Much was made of domestic violence but not a word mentioned about the main actor, the weapon used. In instances like this, the word “gun” should always […]

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