Scott is not leading

For the second time, Gov. Phil Scott has vetoed the budget passed by the Legislature. The original budget presented to the governor had near unanimous tri-partisan support. I do not believe that the governor is striving for compromise — his opposition to a budget bill that was so overwhelmingly supported by the Legislature puts the responsibility to avoid a shutdown […]

Montpelier, like Washington

With the Special Legislative Session dragging on, Montpelier is beginning to look like our federal government in Washington DC. The Governor will not compromise or negotiate with the Legislature on next year’s state budget. He is threatening to close down state government on July 1, just like they do in Washington when they cannot come to agreement. Only in 1961 […]

Preventing the loss of suicide

In the past week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released their most recent data on suicide rates in the U.S. Sadly, this announcement was bookended by the deaths of two celebrities, designer Kate Spade and chef/television personality Anthony Bourdain. The CDC data show that, since 1999, suicides have increased in the United States by more than 25 percent. […]

America is morally dead

For two years now, candidate Trump and then President Trump have preyed on the gullibility of the citizens of this country. The gullibility of the population has been clearly defined. That those individuals who put this man in office will not now take responsibility for their lack of courage and integrity to stand up to this poorest excuse for a […]

Vermont’s forgotten son: Admiral George Dewey

MANILA — While many Vermonters know perhaps that Admiral George Dewey is a native son of Montpelier, probably what most people remember about him is his iconic line at the Battle of Manila Bay 120 years ago: “You may fire when you are ready, Gridley.” But there is more to his life, both good and bad, that define him and […]

Reconsider budget veto

Dear Gov. Scott, On behalf of the Community of Vermont Elders, we write to encourage you to sign the fiscal year 2019 budget the Legislature has set forth during the special session. While COVE is not directly engaged in the discussions related to the tax bill and property tax rates, we firmly believe that the state’s budget should not be […]

Those who pedal drivel, and those who buy

A southern-fried dingbat preacher saying God “spoke to him” isn’t really big news anymore — pseudo apostles are a dime a dozen in the weird subculture that monetizes the collective ignorance of the flock. What caught the media’s attention recently was one such Louisiana minister’s effort to acquire a private jet to spread “the word” while getting his congregation to […]

Governor should support H.13

Dear Gov. Scott: We are proud to deliver to you H.13, An Act Relating to Making Appropriations for the Support of Government. Like its predecessor from the 2018 Legislative Session, H.924, it passed with overwhelming tri-partisan support in both the House and Senate. H.13 includes many of our common objectives, including: a responsible budget that makes critical investments in human […]

Poor Elijah’s Almanack: Obligation

Every spring Poor Elijah waits by the phone for an invitation to speak at a graduation ceremony, and every spring nobody calls. Congressman John Lewis addressed Harvard’s commencement, Prime Minister Trudeau spoke to NYU’s graduates at Yankee Stadium, and President Trump appeared at Annapolis, which he identified in a tweet as “our GREAT Naval Academy,” as if that august institution […]

Progress on the climate economy

In a time when the political climate in Washington lends itself to chaos and uncertainty that undermines environmental and economic efforts, it is more important now than ever that Vermont takes the lead on these issues and strengthens our commitment to our ambitious and necessary energy and emission goals toward a low-carbon economy. While the 2018 legislative session did not […]

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