Water, Sacred Water at the GreenTARA Space Gallery, North Hero, Vermont offers a glimpse into a decade-long project explored by Vermont artist Janet Fredericks. This body of work developed in collaboration with fellow artist Dona Seegers, poet Guy Jean, as well as, Fredericks’ longtime muse, Water.  Janet composes a visual cascade of water’s mystical qualities, expressing it as an intangible essence rather than a substance, and achieving this visual effect by integrating with her subject. She becomes part of the river by jumping in and submerging her paper to capture the language of Water. 

The Gallery is now co-located with Kraemer & Kin, the first craft brewery in the islands of Lake Champlain.  They serve a flight of four beers crafted from local hops and mixed with a special twist of botanicals.  The Honey Ale is not to be missed.  The Tasting Room at GreenTARA is OPEN : Thursday - Sunday, 12noon - 6pm weekly.