10-day festival featuring indoor and outdoor activities. Most events free, some require RSVP or have a cost. Various locations around Waterbury, get the details at website.


Waterbury Winterfest is a 10-day festival featuring indoor and outdoor venues, traditional and not-so-traditional events. There’s snowshoeing, skating, and skiing, as you might expect. We also offer warm venues. Think beer trivia at one of Waterbury’s local pubs, a game show at the American Legion, a felting workshop at the library or let the kids heat up outside at the Youth Snow Soccer game.

Get the details on each event (including what Human Bowling, Wassailing, and Drone Racing actually entail) by visiting WaterburyWinterfest.com. You’ll be able to sign up for our premiere events that require tickets and/or registration, and RSVP for other events that are free.

Whether you’re in the mood to learn, to listen to music, to socialize, exercise, or play, we’ve got you covered. With a festival that starts on a Friday night and finishes more than a week later on a Sunday, you’ll have lots of opportunities to join the festivities and discover Waterbury. We look forward to seeing you.


  • Occurs Friday, January 25th, 2019 — all day