WATERBURY CENTER — And then there were four. Andrea Brown (6-over 150) built a slim Day 2 lead at the Vermont Women’s Golf Amateur Championships, while Miranda Milne (151), Holly Reynolds (154) and Tiffany Maurycy (154) lurk close behind. Brown, Milne and Reynolds will tee off in Wednesday’s final pairing at 9:50 a.m. at the Country Club of Vermont. Maurycy will join Kristin Mahoney (159) and Madison Myers (160) in the second-to-last group. “Anyone could win,” Maurycy said. “I’ve played with Holly when she’s shot in the 60s, I’ve played with Andrea when she’s shot in the 60s and I know Mandy has that talent as well. This is her home course, so I think she has an advantage with that. ... And this may be her last Amateur before turning professional, so she really wants it. Whoever wins, I hope they go low.” Maurycy fired the lowest score Tuesday (73) after most of the top golfers started their round on the 10th hole. She made a 4-foot comebacker to save bogey on the sixth hole and also watched a handful of birdie putts miss the mark. “My handicap has gone down tremendously and I’ve been shooting right around par, or under,” Maurycy said. “And I had a lot of opportunities on the front nine. I had many attempts from 9-12 feet, but it’s just tricky to putt here" Brown will be the one everyone is chasing following rounds of 74 and 76. She won the Am 14 years ago and placed third last year after a final-day charge up the leader board. “Last year I was in the final group with Holly and Tiffany and I was eight or nine shots off at the start of the day, and I got as close as one behind,” Brown said. During the opening round, Brown missed a 1-foot putt on the final hole, and Monday night she was haunted by the idea of starting Day 2 on the par-4, 328-yard 10th hole. “The 10th hole is a nightmare hole to start on,” she said. “(Monday) I had a really bad drive there, but I squeaked out a par today. I hit almost the exact same bad drive and pushed it right. I find that the carry is less on the right side of the pond than it is on the left, so I wanted to make sure I was dry off of the tee shot, which I was. But I was in really thick grass. "I hit a good second shot but then I was on the fringe and had a three-putt from there. But I was still OK with that because it could have been disaster. Just getting that hole out of the way and behind me was the best thing because it looms in the back of your mind while you’re playing the front nine.” Brown carded another bogey on her second hole, rattled off three consecutive pars and then birdied the par-5 15th hole. She found the fairway with her drive, hit a clean second shot and chipped her third shot to within 4 feet of the pin. She saved bogey on the 16th hole following an errant tee shot. “I had to hit a 64-degree wedge about 80 feet in the air and then make it land on the green,” she said. “And the pin was back-right – in almost a depression. It’s a really awful green, so I was glad to two-putt out of there and get a 4.” Brown had a three-putt for bogey on the 17th hole but wound up making a 25-foot birdie putt on No. 18, where she four-putted Monday. “You can three-putt from 3 feet on these holes,” Brown said. A rough approach shot left Brown with a 90-foot birdie putt from the fringe on No. 7. She needed three puts for a bogey but was content to escape without a bigger number. Brown carded a birdie on the final hole to leapfrog past Milne, who had a bogey. “Mandy has been the best putter I’ve seen,” Brown said. “She has great local knowledge and she’s pretty long off the tee. Holly can be very long, but she doesn’t always hit her driver. She’s long enough where some of the trouble that I can’t reach, she can get into it.” Reynolds is 46 and both Brown and Maurycy are 51, while Milne is 23. Milne won four titles at Harwood Union High School and was captain at Eckerd College. She sat atop the leader board after Monday’s 73 and shot a 78 on Day 2. “I had a sleepy start today,” Milne said. “I just wasn’t having high energy at all, but actually that kept my emotions in check. I didn’t play as well, but I wasn’t as miserable on the lows either. I stayed very neutral. And in one way that was my goal. If that meant I had to shoot a few extra strokes, that’s alright instead of giving myself a heart attack.” Milne also started on the back nine and was 3-over for the round at the turn. She struggled with her approach shots, leading to bogeys on No. 10, 12, 14 and 18. But she had a tap-in birdie on the par-5 15th after nearly reaching the green in two. And she two-putted from a long distance to set up an easy par on No. 17. She got up-and-down to save par on No. 1 and nearly birdied No. 3, but she settled for par after missing a 12-foot uphill putt. Milne recorded a birdie with a 10-foot uphill bid on the fourth green. Fatigue started to set in down the stretch, leading to four bogeys during the last five holes. Even though Milne wasn’t thrilled with her score, she knew it could have been worse. “To save bogey when you lose a ball or you’re in a hazard, that’s good – especially on this course. You could be in a hazard all day-long here. If you try to be aggressive, you can end up making double," she said. "Humble finishes is really what I’m going for. If I can card a good score for myself — somewhere between 73 and 78 — then I’ll be happy regardless of what the field does.” Reynolds is four shots off the lead but may be the most dangerous threat. The nine-time Am champion was a standout at Peoples Academy, where her father and caddie Red was a longtime golf coach. Reynolds started Tuesday with a double-bogey, rattled off six straight pars and had a bogey on the par-4 17th after almost driving the green. “I was pin-high with my drive and it took me four shots to get down, so that made me a little upset,” Reynolds said. “I was seeing red, and it wasn’t my father.” Reynolds carded her only birdie on No. 9 after lagging a 30-foot putt close to the hole and watching the ball drop in the cup. But midway through the back nine she had three bogeys during a five-hole stretch. “I think I’ve played more aggressively than some, but it hasn’t always been to my favor,” she said. “If things really start to pop, (Wednesday) could be a good day. Andrea has an impeccable game and she just is steady. She’s playing her game and what she knows and going with that, which is a big asset. And Mandy has a much younger game. She has a drive that is going to be 30 yards beyond Tiffany or I. And Tiffany is all about consistency. Everything is well thought-out before the club is taken back.”   VERMONT WOMEN’S AM SCORES Country Club of Vermont Waterbury Center, VT Par 72 Round 2

  1. Andrea Brown, 74-76-150
  2. Miranda Milne, 73-78-151
  3. Holly Reynolds, 76-78-154
  4. Tiffany Maurycy, 81-73-154
  5. Kristin Mahoney, 80-79-159
  6. Madison Myers, 82-78-160
  7. Susie Bremner, 82-79-161
  8. Cheri Campbell, 81-82-163
  9. Carson Laderoute, 81-83-164
  10. Jeanne Morrissey, 81-84-165
  11. Terry Boyce, 81-85-166
  12. Julia Dapron, 82-84-166
  13. Mary Brush, 83-84-167
  14. Gretchen White, 86-81-167
  15. Reggie Parker, 80-89-169
  16. Katie Goulet, 83-89-172
  17. Barbara Shiffler, 86-87-173
  18. Jena Wood, 83-90-173
  19. Patricia Haas, 86-88-174
  20. Nancy Devaux, 87-88-175
  21. Shelly Yusko, 87-89-176
  22. Dana Cassidy, 84-93-177
  23. Rhonda Colvard, 89-90-179
  24. Kimberly Barkyoumb, 90-90-180
  25. Renee Carter, 93-88-181
  26. Kathy Kemp, 92-89-181
  27. Vicki Goodrich 94-89-183
  28. Brenda Grassey, 88-96-184
  29. Lisa Trubiano, 87-98-185
  30. Kelly Albright, 91-95-186
  31. Cara Cain, 96-92-188
  32. Bette Ann Libby 98-90-188
  33. Patty McGrath, 92-96-188
  34. Ginny Chenoweth, 89-99-188
  35. Alyssa Barnes, 96-93-189
  36. Judy Geissler, 89-101-190
  37. Jen Steck, 93-98-191
  38. Denise Holmberg, 97-95-192
  39. Deidre Mahler, 100-92-192
  40. Jo Allsopp, 100-93-193
  41. Melissa Lafayette, 93-100-193
  42. Phyllis Simon, 102-91-193
  43. Sarah Angelillo, 103-91-194
  44. Cathy Neff, 101-93-194
  45. Kimberly Fadden, 101-94-195
  46. Carol McGowen, 98-97-195
  47. Lauryn Goulet, 106-91-197
  48. Josie Herrera, 101-96-197
  49. Peg McBride, 102-96-197
  50. Julia Quackenbush, 107-90-197
  51. Lauri Brown, 104-94-198
  52. Cheryl Hoar, 96-103-199
  53. Patricia Baroudi, 102-102-204
  54. Susan Rand, 105-101-206
  55. Phyllis Phillips, 109-99-208
  56. Sue Fox, 108-101-209
  57. Chris Johnson, 113-102-215
  58. Linda Maney, 109-109-218
  59. Sis Capeless, 111-112-223
  60. Laurel Myers, 115-112-227
  61. Kathy Sikora, 117-113-230

  WEDNESDAY TEE TIMES BACK NINE 8:00 AM Myers, Laurel (227) Sikora, Kathy (230) 8:10 AM Maney, Linda (218) Capeless, Sis (223) 8:20 AM Phillips, Phyllis (208) Fox, Sue (209) Johnson, Chris (215) 8:30 AM Hoar, Cheryl (199) Baroudi, Patricia (204) Rand, Susan (206) 8:40 AM Goulet, Lauryn (197) Quackenbush, Julia (197) Brown, Lauri (198) 8:50 AM Fadden, Kimberly (195) Herrera, Josie (197) McBride, Peg (197) 9:00 AM Neff, Cathy (194) Angelillo, Sarah (194) McGowan, Carol (195) 9:10 AM Lafayette, Melissa (193) Allsopp, Jo (193) Simon, Phyllis (193) 9:20 AM Geissler, Judy (190) Holmberg, Denise (192) Mahler, Deidre (192) FRONT NINE 8:00 AM Chenoweth, Ginny (188) Barnes, Alyssa (189) Steck, Jen (191) 8:10 AM McGrath, Patty (188) Cain, Cara (188) Libby, Bette Ann (188) 8:20 AM Grassey, Brenda (184) Trubiano, Lisa (185) Allbright, Kathy (186) 8:30 AM Carter, Renee (181) Kemp, Kathy (181) Goodrich, Vicki (183) 8:40 AM Cassidy, Dana (177) Colvard, Rhonda (179) Barkyoumb, Kimberley (180) 8:50 AM Haas, Patricia (174) Devaux, Nancy (175) Yusko, Shelly (176) 9:00 AM Goulet, Katie (172) Wood, Jena (173) Shiffler, Barbara (173) 9:10 AM Brush, Mary (167) White, Gretchen (167) Parker, Reggie (169) 9:20 AM Morrissey, Jeanne (165) Boyce, Terry (166) Dapron, Julia (166) 9:30 AM Bremner, Susie (161) Campbell, Cheri (163) Laderoute, Carson (164) 9:40 AM Maurycy, Tiffany (154) Mahoney, Kristin (159) Myers, Madison (160) 9:50 AM Brown, Andrea (150) Milne, Miranda (151) Reynolds, Holly (154)

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