Obituary Policy

An obituary can be submitted via

mail to:
The Rutland Herald Newsroom
Attn: Times Argus Obituaries
PO Box 668, Rutland VT 05702

fax to:
(802) 776-5600

e-mail to:

Our deadlines are 2 p.m. daily.

It is necessary for us to have a copy of the death certificate, or name/phone number of the funeral home, or other such authority, to verify the death.

We offer an edited version of an obituary for only a $15 online fee in which case we must have the age and/or birthdate of the deceased who must also have a strong connection with our readership area spelled out. This text can include birthdate, place and parents’ names; education facts; military service facts; marriage date, place and spouse’s name; employment facts; information about membership in organizations; hobbies and interests; survivors and those who predeceased; calling hours and funeral services; and memorial contributions. This edited version does exclude descriptive words and phrases, and it also does not name grandchildren, in-laws, nieces and nephews (unless they are next of kin), aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.

For a full guide on how to write this edited version, please click here.

We also offer a paid version which is published verbatim, edited only for obvious grammar, spelling or punctuation errors, and the rate is currently $8.90 per column inch for Tuesday-Friday editions and $9.90 for the Weekender (Saturday) edition, plus the $15 online fee. The cost is based on the actual length of the obituary, plus the $15 online fee. A column inch contains approximately 27 words.