Think first

When Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does,” what did he mean? He may have meant to say that you should only judge a person by their actions, not by appearances. If you apply this cute saying to the kid/guy in New Hampshire who posted nude “explicit” images of two ex-girlfriends, then I think it’s worth bringing this up. […]

Yankee transfer

I’ve been following the news and pros and cons and the political advertisements about the proposed transfer of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Facility to NorthStar for cleanup. Sandra Levine’s commentary on this subject in The Times Argus (“Yankee transfer should be stopped,” June 14) was very clear and convincing. If it’s such a good deal with regard to NorthStar’s expertise […]

Kudos to Spaulding

So, I read with great interest about the Better Barre wave in the Thursday (6/14) Times Argus. The front page had the James Taffel celebration. What a gift to Barre. Thursday night, I attended the Spaulding High School Alumni Banquet and the SHS awards night — talk about a Better Barre event. Close to a half-million dollars in awards were […]

Act 250’s objective

Elizabeth Courtney’s Weekly Planet commentary “Location, location, location” is wrong, wrong, wrong about one thing: Gov. Deane Davis did not create the Growth Commission. Rather, it was Gov. Madeline Kunin who, in 1987, established the Governor’s Commission on Vermont’s Future, commonly known as the Growth Commission. Long before that, Davis, in 1969, created the Governor’s Commission on Environmental Control, chaired […]

Complicit to harm

Readers: No matter what your views on immigration are, separation of children from their parents should be horrifying to everyone. Who is verifying these children are 1. fed adequately; 2. receiving necessary medical care; 3. have proper hygiene facilities; 4. are safe from abuse by either the adult caretakers or other children? Locking young kids in “dog kennels” is horrendous. […]

Chess game

Chess is a very interesting game. In some sense it can be seen not as a game of conflict between two symbolic adversaries, but more as a representation of our current sociopolitical transformation from a democracy to a dictatorship. Very obviously, you have a king and a queen, around which pieces with protective moves are positioned in the best interest […]

Halt state support

Dear Phil, I am demanding that no resources from the Vermont National Guard or any revenue from our state go to the Trump administration immigration policy, which separates families at the U.S. border. This policy is abhorrent to our Vermont and national ideals and could be a violation of human rights as articulated by the UN High Commission for Human […]

Demonstrate your outrage

Folks, isn’t it way past time that “we, the people” did something concrete about this vile, immoral Trump administration, something that would effectively demonstrate our outrage? How about a March on Washington, 50 million strong? I’ll bet at least that many people would be willing to surround the White House and voice their displeasure. I, for one, am willing to […]

Why not immigration?

I prefer the window seat. I like to idle away time on flights trying to guess where and what I’m flying over, without the benefit of the map. I’m hypnotized by the red-beige-brown carpet of California desert; mesmerized by the unbroken wilderness of northern Maine; awed by the peaks and valleys of the Cascades; calmed by the serenity of the […]

Trump delivers, TA does not

I understand that living in Vermont, The Times Argus has to have an anti-Trump attitude. However, I would like to point out that at least Trump delivers, which I cannot say that The Times Argus does for its subscribers. It is bad enough that a simple stop-delivery request is messed up two days in a row causing my wife and […]

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