• Crossings near school not safe
    April 07,2014

    Crossings near

    school not safe

    It will be very interesting to see how the lane changes slated for Woodstock Avenue actually play out. For more years than I can count, I have called city authorities with deep concern over the safety of pedestrian traffic in and around Woodstock Avenue and Stratton Road.

    Why aren’t there signs on Woodstock Avenue from either east or west that warn of a school zone? Has anyone within city government ever witnessed how fast cars and tractor trailers zip through that intersection? The very tiny sign for the pedestrians to walk coupled with the sign for drivers not to proceed right on red through the intersection are either difficult to see or totally ignored. A day does not go by that a student or adult hasn’t experienced a near miss when they have the light.

    As a previous writer pointed out, crossing Woodstock Avenue by Beauchamp and O’Rourke’s is tenuous at best. There have been serious accidents at that crossing, as well as the Stratton Road crossing. It boggles my mind that the school intersection is not even labeled as a school zone. There is no signage, in either direction, warning of this school crossing. Other high traffic areas in Rutland do have signs, as well as flashing lights and speed reduction. Furthermore, the lines painted to tell traffic to stop behind it, so the crosswalk remains clear, are virtually invisible. Twice a year, before school starts and as school ends, I have requested they paint the crosswalks with paint that would remain longer than a week, as well as would be reflective. I am told they will look into it and that they have had trouble with their paint vendor. And we are OK with paying for a product that has not worked for years? Amazingly, communities surrounding ours have clear, visible lines painted that have borne the test of seasons and still remain clearly visible.

    These safety issues along with the very poor quality of the Stratton Road sidewalk, overgrowth, holes, cars on the sidewalk, etc., do not help the image of Rutland City, nor do any of these situations encourage our citizens to walk, thus improving mental and physical well-being.



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