• Man with weapons stopped at court
    By Gordon Dritschilo
     | July 04,2013

    Anthony Edwards / Staff Photo A man is detained in front of the Rutland City District Courthouse on Wednesday following a complaint that he tried to enter the building with a blunt object while in a state of rage.

    A shirtless man was arrested outside the Rutland courthouse after trying to enter with a number of weapons Wednesday.

    Rutland City Police said Parke Keener, 34, had caused a disturbance at the Social Security office on Merchants Row shortly before driving to the courthouse on State Street. He was in Rutland jail Wednesday night, facing two charges of disorderly conduct and one of violating his conditions of release in a previous criminal case, according to police.

    Sgt. John Sly said police were called at around 2 p.m. by the Social Security office in the Asa Bloomer Building, where security personnel said Keener had a blunt instrument and was being “disorderly and threatening.”

    “He’s distraught over some dealings with the Social Security people,” Sly said. “It may have progressed from there.”

    As police arrived and began to evacuate the building, he said, they received a report that Keener had departed in a sports utility vehicle and arrived at the courthouse two blocks away. Sly said the sheriff’s deputies responsible for security there denied him entry because his demeanor was “agitated” and “because he was carrying something inappropriate for the courthouse.”

    “He had several different types of pocket knives or small handheld knives,” Sly said.

    Police also removed a number of items from Keener’s vehicle, including a Samurai-style sword, a large wooden object identified by police as a walking stick, and a bamboo item that appeared to be a kendo stick — a martial arts training weapon.

    Keener had been in court two days earlier, pleading innocent to a marijuana-cultivation charge for which he had been cited in April. Police said they found 30 plants at his home when they arrived there as part of an unrelated investigation. Keener, who told police he had a Colorado medical marijuana card and used the drug for his scoliosis, had been released without bail and minimal court conditions.

    Police said they are continuing to investigate Keener’s actions Wednesday, and anyone who witnessed him is asked to call 773-1816.


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