• State police to close Castleton outpost
     | December 07,2012
    Albert J. Marro / Staff Photo

    Vermont State Police plans to vacate its office near Castleton Four Corners in January and move to Fair Haven.

    CASTLETON — The building near Castleton Four Corners that has played host to the Vermont State Police for more than 30 years will be closed early next year.

    Lt. Charles Cacciatore, commander of the Rutland barracks, confirmed Thursday that the Castleton outpost will be closed, probably in the middle of January. The six troopers and one sergeant working in the satellite office will move up Route 4A to Fair Haven.

    “We are still working out the details with the Fair Haven Police Department,” Cacciatore said. “It’s going to be a place where the troopers will be able to hook up their computers, process people. The level of service is not going to change.”

    The reasons behind the Castleton outpost’s closure, Cacciatore said, was to help consolidate and save money. Vermont State Police currently pays about $30,000 in rent every year for the outpost building. When the agency begins renting desk space in Fair Haven, they will be spending $250 a month, or $3,000 a year.

    State police outposts were once common across the state, but have been gradually closed over the years. Besides Castleton’s outpost, there is one in Lamoille County.

    Cacciatore said when the outpost closes, the only thing to change will be the physical presence of troopers in the building. He said the response time from Fair Haven or even Rutland will not change.

    “We have been trying to stress that the continuity of service will be the same,” he said. “We have many troopers that leave the city and drive to the outpost. That is not going to change.”

    Concerned residents in town asked why state police did not look for a cheaper location to rent in Castleton, but Cacciatore said they were not looking to merely replace one office with another.

    “We are looking to downsize to save money,” he said. “In a year or two, if (the Castleton Police Department) has space they are willing to share, we can look at it, in the future.”

    Castleton Police Chief Bruce Sherwin said he is not particularly happy with the State Police’s decision to leave town, but said he will respect it.

    “We have been assured that it’s not going to change the level of coverage,” he said. “It’s certainly not something I would have asked for.”

    Sherwin said his department will have to wait and see how the State Police move will affect Castleton and it will look for ways adapt to the change.



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