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    December 04,2016

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s going on with the Rutland Herald, Times Argus and New England Business Journals?
    In 2010 we’ve embarked on a comprehensive modernization of our electronic delivery systems and content management technology. In plain English that means we’re staying with the times by putting in cutting edge software internally and rolling out cool new ways to read our newspapers and connect with our news online.
    We’re dedicated to great local news produced locally, by local newspapers. That kind of solid, relevant reporting doesn’t come cheap, and we’re adapting our business model to sustain our local journalism.

    Will you still put out a print newspaper?
    Absolutely. We aren’t shutting down the presses – we’re just expanding the ways you can read our news.

    We’ve heard you’re putting up a pay wall – what does that mean?
    Call it what you like – pay wall, gate, barrier or membership – we’re building value in the original local content we produce every day. In practical terms the pay wall means that certain areas of our Web sites will be off limits to people who aren’t paying customers.

    What will go behind the pay wall, what will stay out in front?
    In general, items that are unique, local, and valuable – you can’t find them anywhere else – will be behind the pay wall. Everything else won’t, including obituaries and classifieds. But go ahead and try for yourself!

    What is the e-Edition?
    The e-Edition is basically the print newspaper, replicated online. But it has cool features like email-able articles, searchable stories and ads, adjustable type size and translation services. You can page through it just like your print edition, zoom in to read an article, or download the entire paper to your desktop. . It’s reachable via any standard Web browser – including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome. Check out the features here.

    How do I get access to the web sites?
    If you are a current print subscriber, to access the web sites you’ll need to register your subscription and create a user name and password to log in. For all others, you’ll choose between a subscription and a Day Pass, select your option and register with payment information. Once you’re done, you can move on to the web sites or e-Editions! Sign up for a free trial here.

    What’s a Day Pass?
    A Day Pass gives you access to all of our online products for 24 hours. This includes the newspaper web site, the e-Editions for one daily newspaper, our weekly newspapers, and all four New England Business Journal e-Editions.

    How do I buy a Day Pass?
    Create an account, buy a Day Pass bundle, select your billing option, and continue on to the site or e-Edition. You can buy Day Passes one at a time, or in bundles of 5, 10 or 20. When you return to the site, whether it’s a day from now or two months from now, we’ll recognize your account and deduct a Day Pass from your account. Once you’ve used up your Day Passes, you can choose to either get an email notification, or automatically recharge your account.

    How will I be billed for a Day Pass?
    It’s up to you. Once you set up an account, we can charge your credit card immediately, or we can charge it at the end of the month, for all the Day Passes you’ve used.
    If in the future you’d rather not be bothered, we can set automatic billing for your account. So, you log in under your account, and at the end of the month you are billed for your usage.

    What is the Subscriber Agreement?
    The Subscriber Agreement is basic legalese that translates to: Use these sites for your own personal needs, don’t abuse the other members, and don’t hold us liable for comments or content you submit. It also says we won’t use your personal information for anything other than business between you and us.
    You can find a copy of the agreement at the Help Page

    What is my username?
    Your username will be the email address you use to create your account. This makes it easy to remember.

    What is a cookie?
    A “cookie” is a 1k text file that is located in your browser’s cache or temporary internet files. It allows us to know whether or not to prompt you to log in. If you are a Day Pass user, this cookie lasts for a full 24-hour period. If you are a Subscriber, this cookie will last indefinitely. If you delete your cookies on a regular basis and then try to read a story, you will get prompted to log in again.

    What if I’ve lost my password or login?
    To recover a lost or forgotten password, go to our
    Recover Password

    Where do you deliver?
    To check on delivery in your area, go to our Subscription Center and click on “The Classic”. You will be prompted to enter your delivery zip code, which will tell you if your home or business is within our print delivery area. Our e-Edition is available anywhere there’s Internet access.

    How much notice do I need to give to stop my paper for vacation?
    If you call our Help Desk before 2 p.m. on weekdays, we can stop the paper for the next day. If you call on Saturday, your subscription can be stopped for the following Monday. You can also notify us online at: www.timesargus.com/section/CUSTOMERCARE03. While you are on vacation, your access to any of the online publications included in your subscription will remain available.

    How does my carrier get her tip if I enclose it with my payment?
    Each carrier receives a weekly invoice which includes the tip amount and the address of the customer giving the tip.

    What is EZPay?
    We charge your credit card or financial institution account 30 days before your last paid through date every 8, 13, 26, or 52 weeks depending on which option you choose. This can include an optional tip for the carrier. You also enjoy the convenience of automatic renewal.

    Will my paper stop on the paid through date?
    Your subscription will continue to be delivered for a limited time after the paid through date unless you tell us otherwise. If you would like your paper to stop on the paid through date, please contact the Help Desk.

    Have an question that you don’t see here? Email us at webmaster@timesargus.com!

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