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    December 11,2016

    The Barre Daily Times first came out on March 16, 1897. The first daily edition of the Montpelier Evening Argus ran on October 30, 1897. The two papers merged on August 30, 1959, when the Times bought the Argus.

    The Barre Daily Times was founded by Frank E. Langley to meet the demands of the growing Granite City. In the early days his wife set the type in their home with their children playing at her feet, and Frank sold the newspapers for a penny each in the streets. Langley sold shares in the paper in 1917 to six of his workers, one of whom was Alex Walker. Langley passed away in 1938 and Walker bought out his partners in 1958.

    The Montpelier Argus began life as a weekly newspaper, the Argus-Patriot, founded in 1863 by Hiram Atkins. His son, Morris Fletcher Atkins, made the paper an evening daily in 1897, and was succeeded by his daughter, Elaine Atkins, in the 1940s. The Argus was struggling financially in 1959 when Alex Walker bought it and merged the two papers two days later.

    In 1964, Walker sold the Times Argus to the Mitchells and Nobles, keeping the operation a locally-owned and operated publication.

    John Mitchell, Bob Mitchell’s son, became publisher of the Times Argus in May of 1979, writing that the goals of the paper were to: “…cover the news in depth that readers … want to read about … focusing attention on affairs in state and local government which affect all our readers.”

    That focus remains today.

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