• Do the math
    September 04,2014

    Do the math

    If there is one issue that unites Vermontís Democrats and Republicans, it is the need to make affordable health care available to everyone. Gov. Shumlin has a plan that attempts to provide medical insurance to all (Shumlincare), but the vast cost of the plan puts Republicans and a few Democrats in the position of opposing the plan.

    Shumlincare will costs upward of $3 billion; divided by Vermontís 625,000 residents thatís $4,800 each. So for a family of four, thatís $19,000. One proposal that surfaced this year was a payroll tax of 14 percent; 2 percent for the employees and 12 percent on the employers. For someone earning $45,000 a year, thatís an annual insurance fee of $900 for the employee and $5,400 for the employer. Whoíd turn that down? Unfortunately thatís a drop in the bucket toward raising $3 billion. Remember, its $4,800 per year per person. Also factor in that fewer than 400,000 Vermonters are between the ages of 18 and 65, and workers must pay the freight for nonworkers.

    So when doing the math, do all the math. And when you get a chance, ask our employers what they think of the plan. Shumlin did, and heís afraid to tell us his findings. When he finally reveals, maybe the realization will set in that his tax plan is unthinkable. Then maybe Montpelier can get down to business reducing the costs of medical care. There are plenty of ways to do it, we just have to change the political focus.

    Finally, when politicians say they fully support Shumlincare, ask them if they ran the numbers before pledging their support ó if they did, ask for the figures. If they didnít, and theyíre just waiting to get Shumlinís figures, Iíd question the value of their representation in Montpelier.

    Stephen Trahan

    St. Albans

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