• A matter of duty
    September 04,2014

    A matter of duty

    “It’s unfortunate that they use extreme and disrespectful tactics to bully those who do not share their point of view,” says Vermont Gas Systems spokesman Steve Wark. What he calls “extreme tactics” is coming to company President Don Gilbert’s house to serve a “people’s eminent domain notice.” Nothing was harmed or destroyed.

    Taking away people’s property in reality to build up an infrastructure for fossil fuel, the gas pipeline, is not extreme?

    By now everybody knows — or should know — what the industry calls “natural” gas is extracted from the earth by injecting water and highly poisonous chemicals. So maybe it is natural, like many highly poisonous substances, but that doesn’t mean it is something we should be subjected to.

    We, meaning the humans, should finally get it in our head that one necessary way to save our Earth, meaning ourselves (at least the ones who do not want to emigrate to Mars), is to change to renewable energy. And that has little to do with “point of view,” it is a scientific fact. So just because Vermont Gas (and others) want to make money, does not mean that we the people should not protest. Actually, we have the duty to protest.

    In my opinion extreme, disrespectful and bullying is Vermont Gas, not the ones who try to save us from disaster.

    Elisabeth Hebert


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