• How to have a fair election
    August 29,2014

    I am thrilled to receive so many votes. Many, if not most, of those 1,000-plus voters braved the great divide and made it over

    to the Republican ballot to vote. Yay and bravo! Too bad we couldn’t have had a fair election process. We didn’t expect an election free of corruption, though, did we?

    Scott Milne’s “win” is just the result of a GOP/press piracy of the election process. During this primary Milne took credit he doesn’t deserve, and he should know better. He should have

    corrected the press when they called him “top tier.” “I have done nothing to deserve that status,” he should’ve said. “It is not based on any poll or data derived from the public.” When they gave him front page after front page, lead story after lead story, he should’ve inquired, “Where are my competitors? Why are you not covering them equally?” That’s the path of honor.

    Too bad Milne is more interested in power than honor. Like his “opponent” Shumlin, honor has no meaning to him; it’s financial power that excites him most. Unfortunately for Vermonters, that’s an addiction that the wealthier can manipulate him with. American disparity of wealth is pushing the public to its breaking point; revolution is becoming an increasingly dangerous inevitability. We are in danger of losing all peace if party/press piracy of elections continues.

    For the elite themselves it’s best avoided.

    Had the press been fair and impartial, Dan Feliciano might have won, even though I admit his solutions are shortsighted and reckless (reason being: He describes cuts in spending yet he has no renewable energy policy, no policy to increase manufacturing, and no direct plan increasing the capacity of low-income people to engage equitably in our economy, lastly no plan to decrease student debt). I might have won in a miracle, but I’m not sleek or slick. I’m too ahead of my time and I know it, so I realistically doubt it. Either way I’m certain Dan Feliciano, Brooke Paige and Steve Berry and I all entered this race for the same reason. I’ll keep at it through November — to avert the coming revolution.

    Still, Ben & Jerry’s can help us circumnavigate that inevitability.

    Well, how? An improved election process can take care of the problem of party/press piracy of elections. This is critical to our safely restored economy. A reintroduction of principles of fair play and honor is required. Here’s how: Through their nonprofit, they organize and fund debates in each county during the election season with every balloted candidate of any party welcomed. Party favorite candidates that no-show are publicly busted as the corrupt 1 percent elite.

    Each debate is shared through cable access, online in video, transcripted and audio formats. Each debate centers on a different topic (energy, health, education, agriculture, corrections, transportation, environment, federal policy, monetary policy, taxation, military affairs and policing, and government). Questions for candidates will be generated by the public only, and each debate will last as long as questions continue.

    Our future and our planet depend on it.

    Emily Peyton lives in Putney. She sought the Republican nomination for governor.

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